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Gift Idea: Buying Craft Soap in Bulk
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Luxury bathtub styling with red curtain

Since I started design school in 2004, I have been running some sort of business. In college, I would buy items wholesale from the Dallas World Trade Center and resale them on sites like eBay. Later I learned to speak out better and less expensive vendors, but today I prefer to buy wholesale strictly for gifts and events. I saved $10,000 of my wedding buying wholesale. 

With permission from the company, I’m sharing my new favorite find. I say with permission, because wholesalers don’t usually want the consumer to know about them so that they will pay retail with the buyers.

Meet Australian Natural Soap

The soap is manufactured in beautiful Australia, but locally distributed out of the northeastern United States. This is French Milled soap made from top ingredients such as Sustainable Palm Oil, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Vegetable-based Glycerin and other natural ingredients. The soap bars are made from plant oils and contain no animal fats. Hello vegans. There are no petro-chemical products detergents or Sodium Laurel Phosphates either. So for those with sensitive skin, here’s looking at you. 

You know what else is not in it? Alcohol, a tricky ingredient that dries out your skin. Manufactures like using alcohol in all sorts of moisturizing products so that you will buy more! Not in this soap. You’ll also find that these soaps last much longer than the store bought Dove while leaving your skin feeling much silkier.

And they are beautiul!

Masterbath sink with dual vanity for Australian natural soap

My Favorites for Gift Baskets

Especially around Christmas when I have 30 adults to shop for, these soaps combined with some twine, a personally selected soap dish and a basket for bath area toiletries makes for a great gift - even for men! They make for excellent hostess gifts for the unexpected guest; I always have a stash at hand.

Fresh Eucalyptus - Such an invigorating scent 
Oatmeal & Milk - or light exfoliation and the traditional crafted soap feel 
Sandalwood & Patchouli - Man scent 
Lavender Soap - For calming down baby before bed (or mom after a long day) 

Soap Carving

As a side note, you can buy them unwrapped and use for soap carving. My sister loves to do this; sketching them out into roses. I don’t understand this. All I see are they precious and wasted pieces falling to the floor. 

Below are 27 of my Favorite Soap Dishes from Around the Web

What is your go to holiday gift? Let us know in the comments below!

Miss Jena's Lifestyle Studio: A Dallas Fashion Blog

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