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I always let you come back knowing what I knew, i let you break me down because I had nothing but love for you, I shed tears for 5 years, from the wrath of you, i had pain bleeding veins, from the marks i got from you, scars, bruises, confuses the smile that was left, from the happy ending i should have kept, i traded love for comforbility, like trading drugs for rehability, humility the shame i tried to hide, for letting you come back and always taking away my pride, i stand tall when alone, in the shadows of myself, hiding from the truth that will soon reveal itself, weak to your touch, crying out in pure lust, wanting to is a must, until no turns into yes, until stress is a mess, until i cant becomes ill try, until a small tear became a loud cry, until my soul was sucked dry, left not to be saved, like a man in a cave, or maybe even a slave, i cant be saved, o  but i, a plan for you i devised, no torture just pure stupidity, i will conquer your heart with no remedies, i will love those who love me, i will seduce those with the eye to see, i smile from their satisfaction, wet warm pure reaction, my lust is the caption, now you will suffer, love you no more, no longer soar, no longer your door, what have i done to myself i became a whore, and once again you win, and my heart cries from the simple tries, and once again you have become all means to my end...    TRUE STORY..


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