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Resume Writing: Tips on How to Create an Effective and Professional Resume
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Is there such a thing as a one size fits all resume?

No, there’s none.

A resume is crafted according to the job you are to apply. You could not submit a resume that is for another job. For example, if you are applying for as a cashier, then do not write a resume for a bookkeeper or an accountant. You will only confuse the employer, and for sure, your paper will go to trash.

Writing a professional resume is much complicated than you imagine. It is difficult to summarize your entire background and career on a single page. You need to have the skills and proficiency to make it possible.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a person moving without a job, here are helpful tips that could guide you in tailoring an effective professional resume.

#1 Customize your Resume

For sure you’ve found a resume template through online sources. Though these things are quite helpful for newbies, however, remember to customize it to avoid plagiarising and assure originality. Remove unnecessary details and only include essential information that highlights your career and skills.

Also, remember to alter details on your resume if you are planning to submit it in different companies. Make sure to emphasize your qualifications that match the employer’s job requirements. Moreover, take note that big companies use screening software that scans documents for certain keywords. Thus, use these keywords which are usually found on the company’s job listing.

#2 Highlight Achievements and Notable Accomplishments

Don’t feel embarrassed or afraid of boasting your achievements and accomplishments on your resume. These details are what most employers are searching for in an applicant. So, the more achievements you have, the better it is.

What are the achievements to include?

Your accomplishments since the start of your career must appear on the resume. Examples of these are below.

  • Former job and number of years of experience
  • Significant projects that affected the company (e.g. projects that caused an increase in sales and number of customers)
  • Special awards and recognition received while on the job
  • Workshops and conferences attended and participated

#3 Emphasize your Skills

Aside from the above pointers, what else you should do?

Summarize all the skills you have. It may encompass your profession to tech skills. And if you have a personal skill that can be helpful for the company or vital for the job, don’t hesitate to include it on your resume. Also, make sure to highlight your educational background.  

#4 Be Concise

Remember, your resume is simply a summary of your skills and career. A two-page resume is the maximum. Avoid writing unnecessary details on your paper. Take note that a resume is not a biography, so there is no need to include almost every detail of your career experiences. If the employer has questions are in need of clarification regarding your qualifications, they would certainly invite you for an interview. Likewise, do not forget to proofread and proofread your resume.

In a nutshell, be brief and direct in writing your resume.

Would you like to learn more about writing a resume?

You can go to the SourceResume.com for additional details on career hunting and writing guides.

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