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The Thrill of It All
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There are many thrills in the duality of this world. Many millions of people get their kicks from roller coasters, ski jumps, bungee jumping, and hundreds of similar adventures. The trouble with this is that the thrill doesn't last very long. It has to be repeated over and over again, and intensified to greater and greater risks in order to retain the thrills originally felt. The thrill is actually intensified fear; a calculated risk, but nonetheless a risk of life and limb. The ego delights and dances as the fear becomes greater and greater.

I have experienced these thrills from time to time but none of them have been so satisfying and intense as the spiritual trip I have been on in the metaphysical or New Thought life that I have been living. The spiritual roller coaster rides I have been on have been exciting in a different way because, although I forgot temporarily, I soon focused upon the upside rather than the downside of the trip. The low points were indeed dark and fear-filled, but then the sun broke through the clouds of fear and doubt and I was refreshed, renewed, and stronger in my faith than ever before. Hold to this as your possibility when you find yourself depressed, sad, lonely, and fearful. I encourage you to write yourself a letter to be read during the insane times to remember how you got out of it before and what is waiting for you on the other side.

When I go to A Course in Miracles study groups, to spiritual seminars, read spiritual books, or attend spiritual lectures, the Love that I experience obliterates fear entirely. The ego cannot abide in the Light generated at those times. The Love, Joy, and Peace that I experience is given by me and is returned to me many times multiplied. I rise on the wings of Angels along with my brothers and sisters. We heal ourselves and the world is healed with us; we are on an upward spiral that will eventually abolish the illusions and allow us to experience the Glory of God within us to greater and greater depths.

From A Course in Miracles - "It is impossible to seek for pleasure through the body and not find pain...the inevitable result of equating yourself with un curso de milagros body, which is the invitation to pain. For it invites fear to enter and become your purpose. The attraction of guilt must enter with it...and the illusion of pleasure will be the same as pain." Text, pg 415

Copyright © 2006 by Francis M. Morris (Bud Morris) All Rights Reserved

Rev. Bud Morris has been studying and teaching A Course in Miracles for over 20 years. His books are A Course in Miracles in a Nutshell, Illusion's End - A Transformational Journey, and Illusion's End - A Pathway Toward Peace. These books can be ordered through his website [http://www.budmorris.com] or by calling 480-275-8553

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