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How To Store Your Memories Safely
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Keeping your memories safe is so important. Although memory’s are in your head, a lot of physical items can hold memories and so they become very sentimental and precious. Most people say the first thing they would grab in a fire is a photo album or something else meaningful, which speaks volumes about what we really treasure in life.


To help you store your sentimental items and keepsakes we’ve got some handy tips:



Even with the best efforts to package items well, if you store keepsakes in an environment that isn’t suitable, then you may find that they are not as safe as you would like.

Keeping them at home can be risky because of potential environmental damage, and even just human error like accidentally throwing things away and spilling things on them.


If you do keep them at home make sure there are no extreme temperatures that are going to impact the items, and do ensure that they are safe from children and pets. If you can, consider cheap self storage instead of home storage. Keepsakes can then be extra secure and safe in a space as small as a gym locker, if that’s all you need. It’s definitely worth considering for those extra special, extra precious memory items.



Of course many photos are stored digitally and it’s a great idea to back up any physical photos you have with digital copies. However, if you do you have physical photos you want to keep safe it is important to do the following:


  • Always store them out of direct sunlight
  • Ensure photo albums are never exposed to moisture
  • Always use photo albums to store photos
  • Use albums without acid in the paper
  • Utilise labelling



Storing sentimental items like wedding dresses or children’s clothes from when they were babies is easy because the items don’t need a fixed space, like a plastic box. However, they are more liable to damage from things like moths or moisture.


With that in mind, always make sure that the items are clean and dry before they are put into storage. You will also want to ensure that the items used to store the clothing, whether that’s a bag or a box, is free from acid. It should also be slightly breathable as air circulation means that any moisture can at least escape.



Important books can be stored really easily. Whether you keep them in cheap self storage or in your home, you should make sure that they are stored at the bottom of any box piles to stop them toppling over. You should also ensure that the items are clean and free from dust and where possible use sleeve protectors where possible.



When storing toys you should ensure they are clean and dry. You may wish to use the original packaging if you have it, or similar packaging at least if you can because each item will then be more protected than if it is loose. If the item contains batteries then do remove those before placing the item in storage.



Art should be protected by a frame or by cardboard either side of it. If there is any glass surrounding the art it should be highly protected to stop it shattering and damaging the picture.


Keepsakes are so precious, and yet we can often stuff them into the back of the wardrobe without so much as a second thought. Do consider how precious these items are and take the appropriate time and care to choose the right storage space for them. This will stop any heartbreaking moments down the line.

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