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How To Begin Discovering Your Purpose In Life And Living Passsionately
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When trying to figure out how to find your purpose and passion, as a human you are no different in hearing similar inner voices.

Too often we listen to the wrong voice where we don't realize where our true purpose and passion waits and sits for us to uncover it. We like to make the search far too difficult and take things much too complicated.

How to find your purpose and passion is in your willingness and readiness to live your free will. It is delivered to you within an instant, and comes from God's Will.

He did not create you within Himself only for you to be unworthy. With this accepted and realized, if you do not enter where He wills you to be, you are interfering with His Will.

Willingness and Readiness

Compared to God, your willingness alone is little, but combined with His unlimited power it brings you the results the Holy Spirit-- your inner divine Guide, has pursued for you.

Unlike another one of the ego's fear tactics, there is no need to prepare yourself for how to find your purpose and passion. This would be an arrogant notion, because your life purpose is a passion that's already within you.

The Course in Miracles teaches, "All you need do is dwell in quiet and listen."

Trying to figure out how to find your purpose and passion outside of yourself would be confusing your role with God's, and confusion like this just brings on more doubt and fear giving you a life being guided by the ego-based mind.

We will not learn how to find meaning in life until we undo what we don't want. You can offer your willingness and readiness to the Holy Spirit, so He can proceed with His methods for undoing your errors.

Finding Meaning in Life

Remember, your errors come from listening to the wrong voice-- wrong-minded thoughts that sink you deeper into the dream of time and separated minds.

This is why God has placed His Holy Spirit in your right-mind.

How to find your purpose and passion `yourself and reflect this true free will into your external world, are of your pure thoughts-- which are of God alone, and are communicated into you by the Holy Spirit.

Rather than trying desperately to search outside yourself for how to find your purpose and passion, prepare yourself from within by trying these following thoughts as a mindfulness meditation technique:

He established His purpose and passion in me and created it to suit Him, because He knows I will love it. In order that I live my purpose and passion I must be willing not to substitute anything outside of me in place of what is within me.

That's all there is for you to think about.

You are merely taking away the little bit that is asked of you for how to find your purpose and passion if you add more.

Remember, we made guilt by trying to do too much, too quickly, which has made us fearful about not being able to accomplish our goals.

You only add fear and self-doubt to the search when you are out looking for how to find your purpose and passion and preparing yourself for it.

Bring Forward Your Purpose and Passion

Release yourself to the Holy Spirit and do not assume His function.

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