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Eww, Is Something Nasty Lurking In Your London Self Storage Unit?
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So you've gone through the effort of hooking yourself up with an amazing self storage unit in London, only to find when you go and get your things out of it a few months later, everything is not as it was…

Did you know there are potential nasties in your cheap self storage unit destroying your things whilst you're at home thinking everything is the same as when you left it? Here are some of the gross things that can lurk in a self storage unit, ruining your stuff and maybe your health:


Mould and mildew spores just love damp and wet things. So if you've stored anything wet or damp you've exposed everything in your unit to mould and mildew. Even worse, if you've opted for plastic storage boxes, you might have made it worse. Mould and mildew will eventually make things smell, it will rot soft furnishings and stain anything it grows on. Opt for a climate controlled unit, and always check items you store are dry to avoid mould and mildew.


Even the cleanliness of self storage units (such as Storing.com) can get mice infestations if some of their units are outside. Signs of mice are droppings or little nibble holes in your stuff, or worse, actual mice and their babies. To avoid attracting mice, don't store any edibles or organic matter in your unit at all.


You will know you have moths in your unit if you pick up a piece of clothing that has random holes in after storage. Good cleaning and steaming before storage will help you avoid moths, as well as vacuum sealing clothes if you can.


Darkening of wood, little holes and the instability of wood are all signs of woodworm, as well as the actual beetles themselves. If you deal in antiques or you're taking unchecked furniture into your unit, you should check there's no woodworm before bringing them in for storage.


Although termites are not that common in the UK, they are still a potential risk. Signs are white ants, hollow sounding wood, tunnels and termite droppings. As with woodworm, if you are into antiques or you place unchecked wooden furniture in your unit, you could be at risk of termite infestations.

These are just some of the gross things you could find in your unit if you aren't careful. To minimise your chances of your stuff getting ruined by the above, be sure to:

  • Choose a clean self storage facility
  • Regularly visit your London self storage unit
  • Regularly check everything in your London self storage unit
  • Ensure everything going into your unit is clean, dry and pest free
  • Follow the rules of the facility as not to attract pests

If you do stumble across an issue, hopefully you'll find it quick enough to avoid it damaging everything in the unit. With a little vigilance, and a lot of regular checking, you'll hopefully avoid any horrible nasties ruining your stored belongings at all.




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