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Common Pros & Cons Of Living In A Compact Home
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Living in a compact home can be necessary, such as when you need to live close to a city centre for work. It can also be something a person chooses for a simpler life and fewer bills. If you’re considering living the compact life, it can help to weigh up both the good and the bad side of it, so you know what to expect.

Here are some common pros and cons of living in a compact home:


Pro: It Can Be Cheaper


It can be a lot cheaper to live in a compact home because you pay for less square footage, your bills are cheaper and there’s less space to fill with furniture.


Con: Less Storage


A lack of storage can be a challenge in a smaller place. One great way to solve that problem is with self storage. Inexpensive self storage is like an extension of your home, only it’s usually more secure, more weather protected and cheaper overall to keep, especially if you rent your current property.


Pro: Less To Clean


Cleaning a smaller property is so much easier because there is less space. This saves a lot of time and energy you can use for having fun.


Con: People Can’t Stay


It is usually impossible to have anyone to stay in a really compact home, unless they are family members you don’t mind having on the sofa. This can be a challenge if you live long-distance and you would love to have your loved ones stay with you.


Pro: You Can Live In A More Upmarket Area


Smaller homes are usually cheaper, which means that you could live in areas a larger house would be out of your budget. Whether it is a flat in London, or a cottage by the coast, a more compact house can come with some amazing surroundings.


Con: Functionality Has To Be Great


If you don’t have your functionality nailed in a small home, you might struggle to enjoy it properly. You may find you bump heads with your partner, and struggle to properly utilise the space. Checkout Tiny House Nation on Netflix for some great tips on improving functionality in a small home.


Pro: You Live Life With Less Clutter


You simply cannot live life in a compact home with clutter. You have to regularly declutter and only add items to your home that you really need. Decluttering is great for the soul, so being forced to do it with a smaller home is definitely a good thing.


Con: You May Struggle With Hobby Items Or Seasonal Goods


Having a smaller home can mean you struggle to place seasonal items, like camping gear or Christmas trees, without compromising the space. You may also struggle to have hobbies like skiing or cycling because you may not have space to store the items you need. Cheap self storage can be a good solution for these problems, giving you secure space to have as many hobbies and seasonal items you want, to get out and use whenever you want, without compromising your space at home.


Living in a smaller home can be fantastic, but only if you properly use the space well, and utilise clever storage options like cheap self storage. With the right approach, you can enjoy a great compact home life without having to miss out on much more than bigger bills and more time cleaning.

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