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Christmas Party Ideas for Those with Lower Mobility
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When you’re planning a Christmas party whether you plan to hold it at a venue or at home there are certainly lots of things to think about such as the guest list, the music and the all-important party food. But there is one particular question which, according to the Live-in Care Hub (www.liveincarehub.co.uk) comes up quite a lot and that is – how do I arrange a Christmas party for someone with low mobility?

Plan Ahead

Your party will go swimmingly provided everything is planned in advance and everyone is well catered for and know exactly what their role will be. As your elderly relative or friend is going to be at the party and if they suffer with limited or no mobility then one of the most important things is to involve whoever cares for them right from the start. The No Place like Home report has shown that elderly people do best and enjoy life more when they receive care in their own home so their home carer could be the one to approach for tips and ideas.

Party Games

Where there is limited mobility the scope for joining in any games can be limited but there are lots of games that can be played seated. Bingo, board games and card games are fun and easy to arrange. You could play a version of ‘name that tune’ just choose or compile before the big day a CD of music which you know contains favourite songs and which most people will recognise. Then choose someone to be the MC and away you go. Karaoke is eternally popular at parties as everyone likes a sing-along especially after a few festive drinks! For those who love dancing but can’t manage it through mobility problems, chair dancing is a perfect substitute.

Those who have low mobility and perhaps can’t get around as much as they would like can sometimes feel a little low. To cheer them up at Christmas why not organise a ‘This is Your Life’ type of party for them? If you don’t remember this TV programme from several years ago the premise is that the elderly person at the centre is taken through a virtual biography of their life with funny or heart-warming stories told, and friends or family who they haven’t seen for a while turn up as a surprise. This game is ideally done as a complete surprise so it may be tricky keeping it from them but it can help to make Christmas special if you can pull it off.

Get Creative

Drawing and painting is not just for kids. There are many colouring books for adults so get out the crayons and felt tip pens and have fun around the table.

Losing mobility shouldn’t mean the end of fun activities so what better time than Christmas to roll out the good times.



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