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A Beginners Guide To Plant-Based Decor
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The plant-based trend is absolutely huge, and it doesn’t seem to be showing any sign of going anywhere anytime soon.


This is great news for all of us. Plants clean our air, they help us to feel better, they can even help with productivity.


Do you love the plant-based trend but you don’t know where to start?


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article we are going to give you lots of information about plant-based decor to help you get the trend right. It’s easier than you think, we promise!


Here are our top tips on getting started with nailing plant-based decor:


Don’t Buy Plastic Plants

Plastic plants are being sold as a care-free version of plant decor accessories. You can get them in any form, in all kinds of pots and stands. The issue with this, is that they don’t really look that great. From an environmental perspective, there are some problems too. The creation of those plants and their eventual destination in landfill, will harm the very living things they are replicating.


Please reconsider a different trend if you don’t feel able to care for a real plant, the planet will thank you for it.


Learn, Learn, Learn

You have green fingers. You might think you kill any plant that comes into your home, but you can keep one alive, we promise. Dead plants don’t make for nice decor so do get the hang of keeping plants alive before you invest lots of money into this trend.

The best place to start is with Youtube videos and podcasts so you can get to know the easiest plants to look after first. Plant-Tubers like Becca De La Plante, Harli G, Betsy Begonia and Planterina are all great channels to scour for information. Jane Perrone’s On The Ledge podcast and Plant Daddies podcast are also excellent resources.


Don’t Buy On A Whim

It might seem like buying any plant that looks nice is a good idea. The problem with that is you could kill the plant quickly and lose your confidence. This wouldn’t be your fault, it takes some time to understand how plants need to be treated to keep them looking great. You can’t instantly know all there is to know. However, you can control buying on a whim and stop yourself getting in too deep.


The best thing to do is research one plant you like the look of, and get used to that plant and looking after it first. You then have a really great basis to grow your knowledge and avoid filling your home with plants you cannot keep alive.


Connect & Feel Inspired

Although plant decor can be achieved by anybody who doesn’t necessarily have an interest in plants, most people who get into it enjoy it. It is hard not to get stuck into the subject and you end up as part of the community.


Go with the flow and connect with like-minded people, especially beginners like you. You’ll find there’s some amazing social media accounts to follow, including accounts where people started right where you are.


Don’t Break The Bank

There are so many expensive plant stands, plants and equipment out there to spend your money on. Terrariums in particular are high in price.


In the beginning it makes sense to be thrifty with your plant decor. This enables you to experiment without putting much on the line. It also gives you more money to spend on plants!


Go to car boots, charity shops, take a look at self storage auctions, see if nana has anything nice in her garage. Places full of things stored for a long time, like personal self storage units, are great places to find cheap or free items to use in your plant decor. Here are some great items to keep an eye out for:


  • Old fishbowls
  • Terrariums
  • Step ladders
  • Stools
  • Plant stands
  • Short tables
  • Shelving
  • Hanging pots or baskets
  • Shoe racks
  • Macrame


These types of items help you start to build the multi-level planty look that takes you from crispy plant in a corner, to bushy, beautiful plants centre stage. Don’t forget cute accessories, pastel books and photo frames, placemats and fairy lights are additional accessories that can enhance the look further.


Hopefully you feel a little bit more in the know, and ready to start your gorgeous planty renovation. Be creative and enjoy the learning process, you’ll soon have a stunning home that nails the plant decor trend.







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