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7 Reasons A Trial Move Overseas Is A Good Idea
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If you are thinking about moving overseas, there is a lot to think about, but moving house can be stress-free experience if you plan it well. Where is the best place to live? How much money do you need to live a good life in your chosen country? How quickly do I need to learn a new language?


One of the best things you can do to answer many of your questions about moving abroad is to organise a trial move. Staying in your preferred country for around 3-6 months enables you to fully sample the lifestyle and find out if it makes sense for you as a family to move there permanently. Here are 7 further reasons a trial move is a good idea:


  1. Trying Different Locations

You can visit lots of different locations on your trial move to understand which will be best for you. From coastal locations, to inner-city locations, you can try-out the various different settings before making a permanent location choice.


  1. Arranging Important Things

From arranging education to finding somewhere to live, if towards the end of your trial move you feel a permanent move is a good idea, you're in a great position to get things set-up because you'll already be there.


  1. Acclimatising

Don’t under-estimate the impact of a different climate. Some countries never get below 20 degrees, and in many, it can be incredibly humid or very dry. If you are used to a Northern European climate this can take some getting used to. At the very least you can acclimatise to the temperatures, or learn that perhaps it isn't the right climate for you.


  1. Sourcing Work

It is much easier to source a job in a country whilst you are there, rather than through the internet. If you work online, you may wish to find the areas where lots of other people are freelance so you can become part of that community.


  1. The Cost Of Living

By living in your preferred country on a trial basis you can actively sample the cost of living to see if it is something you can do long-term. This enables you to avoid the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket and moving without knowing if you can afford it.


  1. Sampling A Real Community

It is one thing hearing about how friendly a certain country might be, but being in the community is totally different. From expats already settled in the country, to native residents, there are many people to get to know, to help you get a true taste of how friendly the country really is.


  1. Learning Another Language In An Immersive Environment

There are many benefits to learning a new language including getting smarter. When moving to a new home, it isn't only beneficial to learn the language, but essential. A trial move enables you to try out learning the language in an immersive environment. So you'll be forced to try your best speaking the local language, and hopefully, picking up a good basic understanding of it to help with organising a permanent move.


Moving overseas is going to be a real challenge, even if you are wise and use an international relocation company. A trial move will help you sample the best of the country, whilst learning about your own tastes and needs within this brand new location. With a trial move under your belt, you're much better placed to organise a successful relocation to the country of your choice.


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