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promiscuous black women
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Ever hear the black female community be brutally criticized? Well I have. They show too much skin. They dont value themselves. They sell sex.  Well guess what? That's how they are trained. having their innocence and self worth stolen day by day. Those uncles that see you when you first start developing a "woman's body" at age 12. The same one who sneaks in your room while you are sleeping an touches you. The same one that gives you money to keep quiet and to quiet his concience. The same one that first makes you realize that the world isn't a place for little girls so you grow up too fast.

You grow up to fast and catch the eye of older men in the community. Your older brother's friends start coming around more trying to see you. Men come at you all day and night asking for and taking what they all want. Mommy doesnt notice the changes in you cause shes too busy trying to catch Daddy's wandering eye. If only she knew that you were what Daddy looks at when he pays her no mind. Every man in your life wants nothing but sex and your body. From  a young age it is instilled in you that that is all you have to give. Then you are judged when you act as such. You believe no man can truly love you because your Uncle looks at you funny and touches you in strange places. Your brother was the first one to make you bleed when he shoved his finger into your"womanhood" . Daddy visits you in the shower so you can take care of him like he takes care of you and if you dont you will be out on the streets. Because of that neighbour guy that fucked you in his car when you were 16 and told you you wanted it.


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thanked by the blogger    .   Richard Beirne
It is no different for the little boy. well maybe one the fact that we live with the fear at some point that we will be labeled gay. The events play forever, like a sound track to a movie, in the back of our minds. Forever, you never forget what happened. Your never put it aside it is part of you forever.
  .   MariBelle
I totally understand. I feel like it it surrounded with more shame when it comes to little boys.
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