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For the most part I can say I didn't see it coming but, it, like everything else in my life made a better, stronger me. It started off with him showing interest and me not returning it for these reasons

1. I wasn't looking for anything

2. I had a wicked inferiority complex and some other personality disorders.

3.no sir

But anyway, back to the story. We went to the same school, and one day he politely introduced himself( awww what a gentleman) . I immediately shut him down but he kept trying. After I took a few weeks to notice that he was quite handsome and very charming I decided it was ok to consider him and maybe have a little crush. Soon I was falling head over heels for him and so taken with all the thing he did to get my attentions I failed to notice he no longer did them...or anything for that matter. 

People began telling me hes a no good loser and I deserve better but me being my usual pig headed self continued on with my destructive habits. He paid me less and less attention and I gave him more and more of mine. I was obsessed. What I didnt know was that he was a systematic user. Hed give me just enough attention so  id believe he was interested and continue feeding his ego. Id call and text daily professing my love and he would barely acknowledge my existence. After a whole year I decided that rejection doesnt go well with my beauty and if I can love a heartless douchebag so much, imagine how much I can love myself. Ladies, you are your most prized possesions. Queens from birth. Choose you, choose love. 


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thanked by the blogger    .   Heaven Rose
Lovely words.. very inspiring story. So sad u had to go through that. I know how u feel. You are strong for making it through after falling for him so hard. You are strong for making that decision and not breaking down. I wish all us women can be strong like that
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