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Whoever’s running a successful business in today’s economy deserves a round of applause. With the competition that is getting relentless, ruthless and arrogant, the expenses that are becoming overwhelming and almost impossible to meet and market demands that have gone unreasonable, it’s getting hard to get by – especially if you are running a small business.

Entrepreneurs with families (single mothers, especially) are in an even bigger jam – apart from their business family, they are taking care of at the office, they have another one to worry about – the one at home. Even though we know women can do anything they set their minds to, it sometimes takes a hell of an effort to juggle it all.

As a single working mother, is there something I can do to make things a bit easier for myself and the kids?

There sure is. Do your business from home!

Replacing their glass workplace for thriving startups from home, plenty of single working mothers have found a way to merge their family lives and successful entrepreneurships. That way, they get to actually spend time with their kids, see them grow up into wonderful human beings and be there for support. On top of that, they’re devoting time a business and setting a healthy example for the kids to witness.

Can I use parenthood as reference on my new resume?

You absolutely can. Whoever understands business knows that making an entrepreneurship successful demands almost the same effort as raising a child – you are there from when they are born to their first words and steps, and finally to see them graduate from prestigious universities and settle down.

Pin down parenthood to your CV, explaining how it changes everything in the business sense – it positively affects the person’s organizational skills and ability to prioritize, implement better time management and tolerance to things that cannot be controlled (in the business world). Casually add the fact that kids in fact encourage mothers to try more, be better in every aspect of their lives (business included) with the aim to provide their children with a better future and a role-model that is worth looking up to.

Got it! Where do I start?

If you’re one of the single mothers with a brilliant mind and a desire to succeed, yet – you still want to keep family values intact and your kids happy, we’re giving you a few ideas you may rely on for inspiration, when it comes to starting a business from home.


Become a consultant

With the career you’ve got, it shouldn’t be hard to choose a few skills you excel at. What you’ve learned through constant engagement on particular business fronts may come as solid help to those who are just starting out. Rely on your existing network of contacts or build a new one to spread the word on your value and skills.

Prior to actually embracing the title of a consultant, re-examine your experience and knowledge and brainstorm on things that may be useful to others. Think of ways you could make someone’s life easier or better, or save them money. What’s also important is not to get hung up on your previous job titles and labels, but the experience only. The work you’ve done enriched your business life with immense power and experience – use it to your own benefit and sell what you know.

Sell online

Kids grow incredibly fast and before you know it – that gorgeous peplum skirt or those cute Capri pants don’t fit them any more even though they’ve worn them only twice! Cash in your kids’ clothes and turn this practice into a thriving business. You never know whose eye you may catch! There are a lot of online stores like https://www.swap.com that can help you on this journey.

Go freelance, offer a service

If you’ve got a talent that doesn’t require anything else but your brilliant mind, a pair of hands and a laptop in your lap, you’re good to go for almost any freelance job. From writing (positions of a ghost-writer, columnist, online journalist, translator, etc.), proofreading and blogging to programming, web designing, online market-managing, community managing, etc. – freelance platforms are plentiful and they pay well! Most of the freelance deals work on the principle of deadlines so once you are done with the project you are working on, you’ve got all the time in this world to spend with your kids or do something for yourself. 

As you can see, not everything is as bad as it might seem at times; silver linings are plenty, rewards for the effort invested are slow but inevitable and before you know it – you are on a safe path to having it all.




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