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Mind Over Matter
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Not sure If Im weird or something but whenever im on a destructive path it seems endless. Something about failure traumatizes me into further failure. Ive actually discovered that its a human mind thing.  Some feelings , if not all shape the actions that follow. For example: If youre at school and you keep failing. It becomes a chain reaction. The teachers and kids treat you like a failure until you convince yourself that you are. That is when you start acting like a failure and subsequently become one. We think things into being. 


The mind is such a powerful tool and if used correctly can put you in such great places. Did you know that if you are trying a food item for the first time and you bend your mind on it tasting disgusting, 9 times out of 10 it will, but if you close your eyes and eat it unknowingly it could be a different experience. It is easy for us to limit ourselves because of the subconcious fear of growth and greatness. 

Ive been applying for a job for over a year and I could not get one for the life of me. One day I walked into the establishment that I work today and I knew I would get hired. I walked in with this confidence and thats why I am no longer unemployed. We choose to say we cant because of fear of failing and lack of motivation for trying. IF we would, instead KNOW that we can then for a fact we can. 



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