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Life: ""It goes on""
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Life. It is the most mysterious experience of all. We all wonder: What is the purpose? Why are we here? What are you going to achieve?

This is my opinion:

- Life is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to express yourself. An opportunity to learn about yourself and the world around you.

-We all have different priorities in life. It is good to shape your life the way you can enhance that priority. Your everyday experiences provides you with all the experiences you will need. But make sure you are able to pick them out. Be observant and think through everything.

-There is always limits. Don’t think too much. Don’t act too much. Don’t react too much. Too much can kill you.

-Life is remembered through achievement. Achievement doesn’t have to be known by other people. It can be something personal, like achieving happiness.

-In a more specific note, ignorance is not a bad thing (the fact is, the more ignorant you are the more happier you will be; speaking through experience), but it can be harmful to other people. Your ignorant decisions can be dangerous.

- Morals. It is very good to have personal morals. It lines up your life on a righteous path. A conversation on righteousness will lead to religious thought (I don’t want to write about it now! It will be long).

What is something that makes this world interesting? Difference. We are all different. We all have different characters, opinions; and it is especially because we are raised differently and we experience different things. Thus we will all have a different purpose. It is important to have a purpose. It is very easy to spot people who live an average life. A life that runs in the society’s norms: a diplomatic life. It is hard to be extraordinary. When you have a set purpose, you will achieve more (extra!), and most importantly, a sense of satisfaction for yourself.

This is something you should ask yourself everyday: How will be world remember you after you die? Are you really going to be an average human being?

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  .   Rita Abrol
Hi! Yes! You are right. Life goes on indeed. Recently, my friend wrote an article on Jotflow.com, about some revealing epiphanies experienced by common men. These give us a deep look, into what Mother Nature and Life have planned for us. Here's a link: 20 Epiphanies That Will Overwhelm Your Mind And yes! I post regularly at Jotflow. When you get some free time, drop by and say hi: My (Rita Abrol's) jots Cheers!
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