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65 Things That Kids Who Grew Up With the Cool/Strict Parents Experienced
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Growing up with the parents that I have, meant growing up with the best parental figures possible. You might be wondering about the title, "Kids that grew up with the cool/strict parents." How is this possible? Well there is a happy medium. Everyone has their own way of parenting their children, and I could not be more blessed by having the parents that I do. If you grew up with the cool/strict parents then you have experienced some or all of the following...

1) Every wonder what your birth was like? Ehh, probably not, but guess what, it's all on tape, every minute of it.

2) EVERYTHING is on tape.

3)Tummy time? Not a problem! Mom and Dad were always on the floor cheering you on.

4) Actually, they were on the floor the moment they got home from work, just to play with you. All the time.

5) You've probably ate dirt once...or twice in your life because they weren't scared to put you on the ground and let you explore.

6) You knew never to get to 3 when you were pushing the limits, "Don't make me get to three."

7) Goodnight prayers were always a must.

8) You probably believed in the tooth fairy and Santa longer than the other kids because they did a very good job at keeping the spirit alive.

9) Stubbed toes were a regular thing. They told you to put shoes on..but you apparently never learned.

10) Your curfew was when the sun was going down.

11) They called the parents of the friends you wanted to stay the night at and had to meet them before you were able to go to their house. (Just in case).

12) They preached and preached to you that staring is never polite.

13) Using swear words usually involved soap in the mouth.

14) If you and your siblings were fighting, you'd have to sit on the couch and hold hands.

15) They woke you up early for school so you had time to do fun activities..(Jam sessions in the van to Toby Keith, Spice Girls, and Backstreet Boys.)

16) They spent countless hours practicing sports with you.

17) They spent countless hours helping you with your spelling words or homework.

18) They let you drive the lawn mower around the yard.

18) You tried to steal that pack of gum, but your parents made you take it back and say sorry to the cashier.

19) They set up a tent in the backyard and went "camping" with you.

20) Lemonade stands were a good way to make your own money.

21) But you quickly realized that money, indeed, does not grow on trees and that toy you wanted is worth a lot more than what you earned.

22) They had funerals for your pets with you.

23) Your mom took more time on your hair and getting you ready, than she did herself.

24) Pool days were a regular thing. They weren't just watching you, they were swimming with you.

25) Bad dream, no worries! Mom and Dad are okay with you sleeping in the middle of them.

26) They were at every sporting event or extra curricular activity.

27) They'd be the first people you'd look for in the crowd.

28) You've had every pet you ever wanted that was legal to have and could fit in the house.

29) "Can I go to the moivies?" *Gives you money.*

30) If mom said no, you'd ask dad.

31) If dad said no, you'd ask mom.

32) Your parents let you take the wheel while they were driving because you thought it was fun.

33) You were actually driving way before you should've because, "Practice makes perfect."

34) You've packed a suitcase because you thought you wanted to run away, but quickly realized how much you'd miss your parents.

35) They understood that you are going to make mistakes and somehow knew what mistakes you were going to make because they would tell you and then you'd do exactly what they told you not to... "Mom and Dad know best, remember that."

36) They played video games and board games over and over with you, just because you enjoyed it.

37)They drilled in your head how important school was.

38) You'd get some type of reward for every "A" you got on your report card.

39) You had a curfew but as long as you called and told them you were going to be late, it was fine.

40) They stayed up until you were home safe.

-41) They got up in the middle of the night to check on you.

42) Your friends called your parents, "Mom and Dad." And you often wondered if they even came to your house to hang out with you or your parents.

43) Every birthday you ever had, they paid for everything for everybody and everyone and their dog were invited.

44) They knew who were your real friends and who were your fake friends before you did.

45) They purposely do/did things that they know would push your buttons, but they think it's funny.

46) You will NEVER EVER live down some of your stupid moments. "Remember that one time.."

47) They get along with people from young ages to old ages, because they are social butterflies.

48) They aren't afraid to make sex jokes in front of you because you are old enough now.

49) You buy something that they tell you not to and they get mad about it, but then later participate.

50) Swear words are still not okay but they'll let it slide with a scowl look.

51) Respect is something that they enforce. Respect everyone. Respect yourself.

52) They warned you about getting your heart broken, but were still there for a shoulder to cry on.

53) There is a designated day for a certain meal. Sundays are for bacon, eggs, and toast.

54) Lying is not acceptable and they know when you are doing so. "Okay now tell me the truth."

55) Your dad isn't afraid to go to Walmart and buy tampons for you.

56) The worst words you will hear is, "I'm very disappointed in you." Because you never want to do anything that disappoints them.

57) They still hug and kiss you like they did when you were 5.

58) Your fine china is paper plates.

59) Drunk or sick, no matter the circumstances, they are there to help you if you need to yack.

60) You feel like you can tell them everything because you know they won't judge you.

61) Drinking buddy? They’re in.

62) You think that guy is cute?..Don't worry, they'll tell him.

63) They say I love you more often than not and tell you how proud they are of you.

64) The thought of ever losing them, makes you feel lost and sick to your stomach.

65) They make you want to be parents just like them because let’s face it, you turned out pretty awesome.




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