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Daddy Dearest
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Daddy Dearest

Fathers Be Good.

Fathers be good to your daughters.

You are the one who will teach them to be loved.


“I love you Baby girl, don't  you know that?”

That’s the lie you always told her.

The lie she always believed.

“No, Daddy not really. You’ve never done anything out of love”

You’d show up once every three years and hug her and tell the same old lie.

Do you even know her birthday?

I guess not because you have NEVER called, and she never received a card.


Years later when she was 12 she began wondering, in the way that children do.

“Why my Daddy don’t love me?”

“I’m not good enough.”

“yeah, that must be it.”

“He loves his other children, yeah.”

“He stayed and took care of them.”

“But why not me”

He was never there to answer her questions so she made up some answers of her own to rid her mind of the nagging question.



“Girls go after men that remind them of their father they say”

So she found her a boy.

A boy just like you.

He told her the same lies and still she believed.

Because you never showed her a good man, she believes that he looks like you.

A “man” that will prey on her insecurities and take advantage of her warped view on love.

The legacy you left her with.


Her mother tried her hardest to make her feel loved and to raise her with confidence.

But she could only be a mother, she couldn’t fill the empty void that you left there.

She couldn’t take away the pain.

She hurts  knowing that her baby girl cried at nights over a man that doesn’t love her.

She worries knowing that her baby girl will get hurt by other men because Daddy Dearest made her think men should hurt her.

“Mamma, how come daddy love us? “

-”I don't know Baby Girl, your Daddy is a sick man. He is not smart to see your beauty and how perfect you are. I promise you this, one day he will have no choice but to look to you, and that’s when he will realize his mistake and regret losing his treasure.”

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Great thanks Rita! ive been looking for more platforms
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