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The Source of Happiness: Ways to Brighten up your day
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The most important, and the most ‘easy to reach’ source of happiness is yourself. Most of the times, it is almost impossible to change the outside stress factors that influence you. But it is possible to control how we handle such situations. Where do you find those bits of positivity?

1) Self Confidence and Nervousness: The Biggest Stressor

I get nervous very, too often. Almost for everything. This is connected to self confidence. Building it, is a process that happens overtime. Two feelings that are controllable are: Fear and Stress. They are caused by artificial things (the fear is often not true). Trying to control these two emotions can make your day better instantly.

2) The ‘little things’

Ice cream, balloons, stuffed toys, video games, etc, or anything; can be an activity or a distraction that reminds you of a happy time.

3) Outside Support

What I mean by outside support is the environment you live in. Surround yourself with positive influences, and people who will make you better.

4) The Place of Peace

I personally know that a comfortable place where I feel home, is where I’m truly happy. It doesn’t have to be home, but it could be just a quiet place.

5) Be Observant

If you are constantly stressed out, it is important to know what is causing it. This applies to almost any problem. Many times, the reason you are stressed about will be worthless. Or knowing the cause will help you better that situation.

6) Achievement

Achievement, increases self confidence and pushes your limits further. It will make you strive for more achievements and appreciation.

7) Helping others

Helping can be a good thing for others, and for yourself. Helping others, believe it or not, will increase your level of happiness. This is similar to the phenomenon, happiness increases and sadness decreases when shared. This feeling is the same as achievement.

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  .   kelvin nox
thanks for giving this beautiful theme I use on my How Do You Change Your eBay User Id blog
  .   94zahir333
A lot of great information in this post! Happiness is the most important for a life. Your article is awesome.
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