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How Hiring Dog Bites Attorney Oxnard Can Help Build A Strong Claim
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If you are injured by a dog you should claim for compensation from its owner. The law of tort imposes an obligation on the owner of any property or things to ensure that it does not cause any harm to others. In fact, the law imposes a duty of care on all owners of premises or things to ensure that that premise or thing does not in any way pose harm to any person. If you decide the compensation in person without hiring a lawyer you may not get adequate compensation.

Hiring lawyer can help get higher compensation:

Hiring a dog bites attorney Oxnard can help you get higher compensation. In fact, with a professionally experienced lawyer, you can get between 3 and 5 times higher compensation. Most home owners. Statistics show that in the U.S, about 4.7 million person suffer from dog bites every year but the insurers compensate just less than 1%. This means 99% of the victims do not get justice.

There are many reasons for this. First, litigation is very lengthy and tedious process which is even tiring to the lawyer themselves. In fact, the best way of settling case such as dog bites claim is through out of court settlement. The out of court settlement requires clear understanding of the law and knowledge of negotiation mechanisms. Only a lawyer who ah specialized in dog bite claims can handle the process and ensure you get the necessary justice.

How much will it cost to hire the lawyer?

The greatest thing that victims are concerned with in these cases is the false belief that dog bites lawyers Oxnard are expensive. However, the truth is that these lawyers charge on contingency basis. This means you will not pay anything upfront but the lawyers will recover their professional service charges from the final amount that will be awarded to you. If the case is not decided in your favor, you will not pay anything to the lawyer as well.


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