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Tips in Picking out Correct Traffic Mirror Size
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A road accident can happen to anyone at any time; even a step away from your driveway danger is lurking. With the road bustling with activities such as bikers, children playing, and other cars passing by, sometimes it is safer not to drive a car. But that is the problem; you need to drive a car to reach your work.

How can assure road safety starting from your driveway?

What you need to do is get driveway mirror and a traffic mirror.

The primary purpose of installing a driveway or traffic mirror is to ensure safety from road accidents. Installing this equipment provides you good visibility on the oncoming traffic. It gives you a heads up on what to expect once you get out of your driveway. Moreover, mounting a traffic mirror on a sharp curve or between intersections reduces the chances of accidents, especially during the night and bad weather conditions.

If your home is near road areas with a high risk of accident, then you’ll need a traffic mirror. Having this equipment gives you peace of mind when going out on the road.

Now, take note that there are several driveway mirror options out there. They usually vary in material, shapes, sizes, and durability. But among these factors that you need to consider, the first thing you have to focus on is the size of a traffic mirror.

The size of a driveway or a traffic mirror can affect its performance and functionality. One that is too small could not provide you the best visibility and angle which a traffic mirror should provide. Therefore, you have to choose the correct traffic mirror size. To help you find out more about this, click here to see the details and check out the guidelines below.

What Size of a Traffic Mirror You Need?

Convex mirrors range in various sizes. A good rule of thumb when selecting a traffic mirror is this; the bigger the mirror is the more you can see. Hence, it is best to choose a traffic mirror that is larger for the best angle of view and visibility.

According to USA standards on road safety, the recommended traffic mirror size is 12 inches to 48 inches. If you are planning to install it on your driveway, select a mirror starting from12 inches in diameter. However, there is an exception to this rule. If your driveway is located on a blind corner, near a sharp curve, or an intersection, select a mirror that measures 26 inches diameter to help you see enough of the oncoming traffic. Also, a larger convex road mirror for conditions such as this won’t hurt.  

On the other hand, you’ll require a bigger mirror for monitoring road traffics.

There is also a correct way of installing a traffic mirror. You must strategically place it on a location that could provide you the best angle. For driveway mirrors, experts advise mounting a mirror no more than 20 feet from the drive. But if your driveway is on a blind curve, the distance of the mirror location to your driveway must be 26 feet.

Did you find this info useful?

If you still have questions about convex mirrors for traffic, see this website for extra guidelines.

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