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5 Essential Factors to Consider When Buying A Laptop
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Nowadays, smartphones and tablets have quite revolutionized into smart minicomputers. They offer an all-in-one solution for internet-savvy individuals, hence such a handy gadget.  Still, smartphone and tablet features and some applications have limitations. Hence, this is where our need for laptop computers come in.

Basic Things to Consider When Buying

Here are quick important things to consider when buying laptops.

1.  Screen size:

You can choose from 12.5, 13 or 14-inch screens. You will have to consider portability and usability. Are you buying for yourself or are you intending to buy for kids?

2. Minimum specification

  • A processor should be at least Core i5 Processor.
  • Memory must be a minimum of 8G of RAM.
  • If you choose a hard drive (HDD) for storage, it must be at least 250G. Or you can choose solid state drives (SSD) storage or flash drives over a hard drive.
  • Graphics card must be at least  512 MB Video Memory

3. Battery lifespan - choose a laptop that offers a battery life of 8 hours plus.

Below are essential factors to consider when buying your laptop.

1. Choose the best platform that you are most familiar with or the one that suits your needs best.

  • Windows 10 - a lot of laptop makes and models come with Windows operating system. It offers quite a flexible and versatile operating system.
  • Mac Operating System - which is Apple's desktop operating system. It offers the same functionality as the Windows OS does, but with a different interface.
  • Chrome OS - which is being offered in Chromebooks. You can use this for simple web browsing, social media checking, and online chatting.

2. Decide what type of laptop you will be buying.

It may be for researching or writing term paper such as a laptop meant for students. You may be looking for work laptops, or gaming laptops for ultimate gaming experience. Or social laptops used for website browsing or teleconferencing.

3. Choose your laptop specifications according to your needs. The size of your storage whether an HDD or SSD again will depend on the type of laptop you will be buying. (an example is it for gaming or for school work?)

4. Check out the design. This includes the screen size, thickness, weight, the keyboard layout, the touchpad, color

and design of its back lid. Also, consider the type of material whether you will opt for a metal or plastic finish.

5. Last but not the least factor to consider is your budget. More budget, means better specifications, better system, stronger computer performance and high-capacity display.

As a conclusion there are plenty of laptop specials out there for you to study and think over. Remember, it all goes down to choosing a laptop according to your need.

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