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What Makes Tree Bark Wedding Bands So Special?
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Finding a wedding band that portrays the unique personality of your relationship can seem like an overwhelming challenge, especially with how ubiquitous the traditional, austere, and safe designs have become. In recent years, however, creative, independent jewelers like Olivia Ewing have set out to design beautiful wedding bands that depart from the norms that have become so mainstream. Tree bark wedding bands are one such design. This article will explore tree bark wedding bands and the beauty they can bring to any ring finger.

The foremost benefit of tree bark wedding bands is the multi-layered symbolism they can portray. Wedding bands are, at their core, a symbolic token of fidelity, faith, and love. However, even historical wedding bands that appeared much different to those being used today contained elements of personalization. This personalization of marriage symbols helps communicate to all who see your rings, the unique promises and characteristics of your beautiful relationship.

Bark wedding bands provide more opportunities for customization by the nature of their design. Inside of every bark ring is a real strip of bark from a tree of your type. All trees have historical symbolism. Willow bark, for example, symbolizes dreams coming true, understanding of oneself, and the wisdom to learn from past mistakes. Apple bark, on the other hand, symbolizes youthful beauty and good health.

In addition to the ability to choose a symbolic bark, you are able to choose the metal that will envelop the bark ring upon the completion of the ring. This characteristic allows you to not only customize the exterior appearance of your rings such that they fit your spouse and your own personal style, but also take symbolism into consideration when choosing a metal. Palladium, platinum, yellow, white, and rose gold are all incredible options with their own meanings. Palladium is graceful and dignified, the most valuable of all metals. Rose gold is warm and welcoming, its reddish hues communicating love and joy. White gold is pure and simple, speaking to the beautiful simplicity of love itself.

Tree bark bands are completely and utterly unique. No two rings have the same patterns or texture because each genuine strip of bark is unlike any other. The wild texture of each band hearkens to the unpredictable gorgeousness of the natural world. Love is not some perfect, cookie-cutter experience, it is a journey together with another human being, and tree bark wedding bands portray this, unlike rings made in factories behind closed doors.

As an added bonus, tree bark bands from independent artisans are considerably less expensive than their chain-jeweler counterparts, using less metal without sacrificing anything in regards to appearance. Tree bark bands are the best of both worlds in this way.

When you are ready to see what designs are possible when working with a passionate and creative jeweler, come visit us at www.oliviaewing.com. We craft the finest wedding bands made with genuine tree bark and beautiful precious metals. A naturally beautiful ring can be yours today!

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