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The Main Fashion Trends for Men's Adornments in 2017
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Fashion weeks in London, New York and Milan spring / summer 2017 are over. The podiums were filled with textures, flowers and strange, sometimes even funny drawings that looked somewhat amazing. This year, the fashion industry has absolutely focused on men, fashion no longer exclusively revolves around women's clothing, footwear and accessories. Necklaces, bracelets and luxury rings for men are accessories in the trend in 2017! The world of men's fashion is rich, bold and impressive. A special place in it is reserved for men's jewelry. It's not just watches or cufflinks, but chains, necklaces, bracelets, rings, which complemented the collection of clothes for spring / summer 2017. If you are looking for the best fashion acquisitions in 2017, then they are listed below.

Nominal bracelets.

This year, of particular interest are nominal bracelets of a variety of shapes, from a variety of materials, whether precious metals, wood or leather, which are suitable for everyday use, and emphasize the business style. A British designer Danielle Draper has developed a number of branded gold and silver bracelets that can be personalized and customized the way you want. These men's bracelets are combined with everyday clothes, and also look great on your hands if you decide to visit a nightclub. They are great for work, dinner or even for a special occasion, when gold or silver is well combined with different colors of clothes. Personalize your bracelet with your name, initials or quote, which is your life credo and you style will be inimitable.

More than just leather

Along with metal ornaments, leather is very popular in men's fashion today. Dark and bright leather tones are used to make men's bracelets and even rings. It looks great with denim or business suits, shirts. If you want to follow the latest fashion trends regarding leather jewelry, there should be catchy details of bright leather in your look. Decorate your outfit with a leather ring or a refined leather bracelet. Be in the trend! Stand out from the crowd!

No more huge chains

We all remember the heavy chains on the neck, which were fastened to the jeans. A man wearing such a chain was not only cool, but almost the best friend of Justin Timberlake! Nevertheless, in 2017 this trend is no longer in fashion. Nowadays the designers suggest wearing thin necklaces, chains, Beverly Hills bracelets for men, which focus on the pendant, rather than on the necklace itself. Instead of "boyish" jewelry men prefer elegant one with simple but attractive details.

Let’s face it - multi-colored beadwork and heavy chains are out of date and out of men's fashion nowadays.

Choose necklaces with light weight. For example, for a nechlace of cartier-type weaving, the weight of 15-25 grams is sufficient, and this is if the chain is made of a single gold wire, not blown. A necklace of armor weave can have more weight, because this weave is very dense, so that the necklace looks thin, and at the same time very strong.

Stick to these major fashion trends in the jewelry world and you will always be elegant and stylish!

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