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Four home improvement projects to avoid and five you can do instead
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Tackling the wrong home improvement project yourself is more likely to cost you extra money than save it and it’s likely you’ll end up needing to call in the pros to fix what you messed up anyways. Here are four projects you should avoid and five alternatives you can safely do yourself.

Painting kitchen cabinets

Since repainting kitchen cabinets is a lot easier and cheaper than tearing them out and replacing them, many see it as a great DIY project. But giving kitchen cabinets a new coat of paint is actually harder than many think. It’s not like repainting interior walls because kitchen cabinets are exposed to oils due to the fact that they’re in a room where food preparation takes place. Paint won’t stick right to cabinets unless a special degreaser is used first and even then the new paint needs to be oil-based and applied through a sprayer.

What you can do instead

Once a professional contractor has taken care of the cabinet painting, you can further upgrade their look by swapping out dated cabinet hardware for something new and more glamorous. It only takes a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time.

Plumbing work

Whether you’re trying to take apart pipes to get to a clog deep in the system or trying to reroute pipes in order to relocate the bathroom sink, you should call a pro. At every point along the pipes where two pieces fit together, there’s potential for a leak. If you use the wrong tool or use too much force you can break pipes. Even if you are able to complete the job with no sign of dripping water, a leak can start sometime down the road.

What you can do instead

Replacing sink faucets are a lot simpler than dealing with plumbing. All you have to do is turn off the water supply to the fixture you want to replace, disconnect the hot and cold water lines (no pipes), replace the faucet with the new one, reconnect the water lines, and turn them back on.

Electrical wiring

Any job that involves electrical wiring in any form whether it be creating a new outlet, a switch, or replacing light fixtures is inherently risky. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can electrocute yourself or create a fire hazard behind the walls of your home. You’re better off letting a licensed electrician do any work that involves electrical wiring.

What you can do instead

Swapping out incandescent bulbs for LEDs doesn’t require any kind of work with the wiring obviously so it’s an easy DIY job so long as you have a step stool. LEDs use a lot less wattage so they’re more energy efficient and you can achieve more brightness without a fire risk. They also last upwards of ten years. Though the initial cost is steep compared to incandescent bulbs, they pay for themselves several times over during their lifespan.

All things HVAC

HVAC systems are inherently complex. If you’ve got issues with heating and cooling, simply diagnosing the problem accurately is unlikely without proper training. Working on HVAC systems requires special tools and it often entails working with dangerous chemicals and refrigerants. They also use large amounts of electricity so that is another risk.

What you can do instead

Cosmetic upgrades to HVAC systems such as new vent grills or baseboard heater covers are easy enough to install on your own, it doesn’t require special training or tools and you don’t have to do anything with electricity or chemicals.

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Source: rd.   com/home/improvement/diy-home-improvement-projects/


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