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Using Yellow to Brighten Up a Room (and other things)
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All shades of yellow will make any room in the
house look bigger, brighter and softer. It's also
a real mood-lifter (Every known culture
worldwide associates this color with sunshine
and happiness).

Did you know that a yellow room or one with
yellow accents encourages socializing and

As I'm writing this, I'm using two bright yellow
pencils, a yellow legal pad, and am wearing
pale yellow pants with yellow socks. And I'm
feeling pretty content for the moment.

My mom has a kitchen with yellow accents and
the family always gravitates to it; The food
could be a factor too, though...

1. To Convey Bright Cheerfulness, go with EGG YOLK YELLOW. Besides being a mood-lifter, yellow also improves your memory when you're near it; It's the biggest memory enhancer of all the colors.

2.  A room in SUNNY YELLOW shades Has The Suggestion Of Light And
Sunshine, casting a luminous glow that draws people in. Did you know that just
by adding a touch or two to your surroundings-flowers, yellow curtains, rugs,
furniture and/or pencils (!), you'll also feel rejuvenated? It's because yellow's a
"hot color" which raises your pulse rate (in a good way).

3.  For A Relaxing, Comfortable Setting, CANARY YELLOW is the one. It's an
ambered yellow which is perceived as mellow and warm, delicate and feathersoft.

Freshness And Cleanliness. Being surrounded by yellow reduces physical
pain, especially muscle cramps.

5. A PALE YELLOW room Creates An Upbeat Setting for family gatherings and
entertaining (This is right on the money; My mom's living and dining room walls
are yellow!).

6.  Go for the GOLD to Express Richness, Status and Prestige. Whether it's gilded
mirrors and frames on brass hardware and candlesticks or just a gold-tone
wall, your room will always look luxurious.

Additional Info

If you prefer a color scheme that includes a lot of yellow, you're bright, optimistic and ingenious.

Other uplifting colors are All Shades of PEACH and APRICOT.

For a quick re-do just paint a single wall, the woodwork or small wooden chair or table.
Add a few throw pillows or a small rug-coordinate them by choosing patterns that combine peach or yellow with one or two of the colors that are already in your room.

Hang translucent blinds or sheer curtains in pale yellow or apricot-they'll create "instant sunlight" year-round.

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