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The Architectural 3d Rendering Price Guide
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Since the late 1990s improving computer graphics technology has taken great strides in changing the way that upcoming property developments are designed and marketed, allowing for progressively detailed and more photorealistic visualizations to be employed as powerful advertising and simulation tools. 

High quality architectural 3d renderings are frequently utilized by architects, builders, interior designers and real estate professionals for devising home décor schemes, refining architectural design concepts and marketing off-the-plan house and apartment designs to prospective buyers.

With the advent of sophisticated computer software, 3d visualization has quickly gained popularity and become a must-have tool in the design and advertising arsenal.

For industry professionals who lack prior experience in commissioning a studio or individual artist to assist them in visualizing their project, the discrepancy in pricing between various providers can be somewhat confusing and bewildering.

The pricing of architectural 3d rendering is dependent on several factors. It is important to understand that there is almost no fixed pricing for 3d rendering in the market at present. However, the factors mentioned below can help you understand the pricing patterns. Read on as we go into further detail to outline the key differences that will impact the pricing of these services.

Factors affecting pricing for architectural 3d rendering

  1. The Artist

If you wish to hire an artist or studio that have significantly more years of experience in the industry than their rivals, their fee demands for professional services will most likely be higher.

Greater experience generally leads to superior work quality and better attention to detail. It will also frequently result in a better customer experience by ensuring that the client is well informed during the visualization process and work is completed on time and on budget.

In order to establish the experience level of the 3d artist, don’t be afraid to ask them about their previous experience in the industry and take a close look at their work portfolio on their website or social media pages. A small collection of past works may indicate that they are fairly new to the commercial 3d rendering scene. 

  1. Artist’s Location

These days 3d rendering services can be provided from almost any part of the world.

It is important to keep in mind that certain artists or studios that are based in countries with a lower cost of living will most likely be happy to charge lower fees than these based in countries with a high cost of living.

Consequently, while outsourcing the 3d rendering work to another country may yield a cheaper price, it may result in unforeseen problems like language barrier difficulties and differences in architectural design and home décor trends that may not suite your target audience.

  1. Project Size

The project size is a major aspect in deciding the price of the rendering service.

If you are requesting a big project, the pricing for the service will generally increase due the greater scale of complexity in the architectural design, requiring more hours to create the 3d model and textures. 

It is also likely that a bigger property development will require a greater budget for making tweaks and revisions to the 3d artwork, as well as requiring more time for correspondence and meeting between the client and the artist.

  1. Deadlines

Based on the deadline requirements the prices may vary.

A studio or artists that offer top quality 3d rendering services would want to avoid taking shortcuts in order to make an accelerated time frame, as that is likely to compromise the quality of the artwork.

If the project must be prioritized and completed as soon as possible, the quoted fees may increase to account for additional manpower and overtime that will be required to avoid shortcuts and lower quality in order to hit the target.

  1. Package Inclusions

Many artists provide extra services for 3d rendering that may impact the prices substantially. Before hiring, talk about the kind of service you are looking for and inquire with the artist about the number of revision rounds included in the quotation.

Some artists will also offer other bonus features as part of the package like multiple view angle options, allowing the client to have more input in the creative direction of the project.

General price guide for Architectural 3d Rendering

Some of the general pricing for architectural 3d rendering services is as below. Keeping in mind some of the factors mentioned earlier, expect to see prices at the lower end of the range from artists located in parts of Asia/India, Middle East, Central/South America. Studios that are located in USA/Canada, Europe and Australia/NZ will most likely charge higher fees. 

  • Residential Exterior: It should cost you within the range of US$300 and US$1000. Unless an artist is providing any additional quality of service, you should aim to keep your residential exterior 3d rendering price within this price range.
  • Residential Interior: If you require the interior residential 3d rendering it can cost you between US$250 to US$900. It is slightly lower than the exterior 3d rendering.
  • Floor Plans: 3d floor plans will cost you within a range of US$200 to US$650. It varies based on the floor size and the complexity of the floor plan requested. The floor plan will also vary if you are requesting colors or black and white floor plans. Colored floor plans cost higher than black and white floor plans.
  • Commercial Exterior: For commercial exterior 3d rendering services, the prices differ based on the size of the commercial space. It can be as low as US$350 to as high as US$2000 based on the area and size of the commercial building.
  • Commercial interior: The commercial interior 3d rendering service will cost you within US$350 to US$1500. If someone is giving you a higher quote, recheck on the services provided by them.

Architectural 3d rendering is in high demand. Look out for the best services at reasonable prices.


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