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Seal of God On Forehead - What Does It Mean
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It is mentioned in Revelation 7, where John reveals that at the end of every age, the Almighty puts a seal on 144,000 people. Twelve thousand are selected from 12 tribes each, from the country of Israel. However, this stirred debate in some Christian circles because of the mention of the number. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand what these 144,00 means and do you have a seal on you? If yes, then what does it mean to you?

The primary purpose of the Seal is to:

  1. Guarantee safety of the individual
  2. Marking ownership
  3. Certification of being authentic

Understanding Seal of God

The Interpretation of the Second Seal is the mark of unique identification. Not only it guarantees your safety, health, prosperity, but it also certifies that your relationship with the Almighty is for real. However, even if you marked the Seal will not be visible on your forehead physically. Therefore, it carries immense authority and responsibility to humanity.

Understanding the Power for Seal of God

If you are from the Christian religion, you must have heard the message of the truth of God along with the Gospel of Salvation. You must have faith in the Seal, strongly because the Holy Spirit is depositing the safety of our life and our inheritance until the end of time till we get redemption. 

It would help if you went through the verse in Ephesians. You must take this very seriously as the power of the words is remarkable and can be life-changing. You can enlighten yourself by reading about it and having in-depth knowledge. You can get verses from Allenco Publishing Inc for more information.

Understanding the Provision of the Seal of God

The Seal of God provides you with the following things.

  1. Inclusion

This suggests that you belong to Christ and whatever he gives you in this birth is an act of generosity. Whatever he has belongs to you, he will give you but at the right time. Since you are in his act of righteousness, his act becomes your act. His holy spirit dwells within you and that provides you with strength, power, and grace. Therefore, you must practice kindness, love, and compassion for others in your life.

  1. Identity

Since God seals you, your identity will be linked with Christ. This suggests that God is watching you and your actions as you are very close to him. On the other hand, it also means that Satan is also watching you as you belong to God. This is because Satan also created the same system of sealing his kind on the forehead by identifying his members. So, both people belonging to God and Saturn are distinguishable.

  1. Inheritance

The third thing we noticed from the Ephesians is that the Seal of God also gives you an inheritance. This is essential as one of his verses certifies it to be the sealing authentic.


You can walk with your head high in the air because of the Almighty within you. Understand that your salvation is for real. The sins you commit in this lifetime will be forgiven, and you will have a place in heaven with Jesus till eternity.

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