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Lighting Up for Fall
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As the days are getting shorter, the lights in your home are undoubtedly getting more use.

Did you know that the type of lighting used, the placement and the style of fixture can affect the mood and functionality of each room?

For example, Ambient lighting creates a base layer to establish the tone of the entire room; Task lighting brightens up a certain area to bring focus on a room’s particular function. And Accent lighting will draw attention to a room’s decorative features.

Consider recessed ceiling lights for an inconspicuous, minimalist approach to ambient lighting. To create ambient light with fixtures that make a décor statement, go for pendant lighting; they come in many different shapes and sizes, adding dimension and visual interest.

An example of task lighting in a living room could be a table lamp as a focus point for a conversation area, or a floor lamp next to a comfortable chair for reading.

Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED light strips can be used to softly illuminate rooms from hidden sources; by placing one under each overhead cabinet in a kitchen, countertops can be brightened up to do detailed tasks, such as chopping and peeling or making a sandwich.

Got a favorite piece of wall art? Make it a focal point by placing simple, uncomplicated wall sconces-an example of task lighting-around it. Want to highlight wall textures or architectural details? Consider more unusual sconces in interesting shapes that will not only showcase home elements, but can stand alone as conversation pieces.

Source: "Light up your home this fall"-Vindy Homes-The (Sunday) Vindicator, Sept. 18, 2016



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