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Kitchen Hooks, Racks and Gadgets
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A few hardware items can create unlimited storage options. Here are a few examples:

Cup Hooks — You’ll really get your money’s worth with screw-in cup hooks (they come to the rescue for keeping pots, pans and teacups off the counter and out of your way). The 1”-wide ones are easy to screw into most surfaces by hand and can be used to hold not only cups, but pot holders, shears or any other small object with a handle. Bundles of dried herbs can also be tied to the hooks.

Make a custom-sized storage rack with a curtain rod or stack them. You can adjust the lengths to fit your needs, and the rods are available in a variety of styles.

Accordion Racks — “They’re inexpensive and have always been valued for their superior kitchen-storage capabilities. They’re a great space-saving accent and also function as wall art. These racks typically expand from about 4” to about 25”, can be hung practically anywhere and will hold almost any lightweight item (hang baskets and fill them with kitchen necessities, such as utensils, napkins and herbs),” says décor expert Tina Martin.

Coat Hooks — These are a good, cost-efficient solution for hanging really heavy items. The double hooks can be attached to the back of any door and can hold brooms, mops, vacuum attachments, etc.

Bar and Brackets — This storage solution offers the same flexibility as a ready-made pot rack for a fraction of the cost. Just buy a dowel and pair of brackets at the hardware store. Use “S” hooks to hang items from the dowels.

S” Hooks — Any pole, plank or grid can be transformed into a customized storage center with these affordable items. And “S” hooks are quite rugged; they can hold everything from a braid of garlic to a heavy pot.

Do you have a picnic basket? Or any basket with a lid? Use it to store kitchen linens (napkins, place mats, dishtowels, and pot holders can also be stashed here) if your drawer space is scarce. Baskets are a classic décor accent and they’ll work in any décor style.

White-Wire Shelving can be used to make a decorative drying rack over the kitchen sink for a quick and timeless makeover. The shelves are sold by the foot at home centers, so you can buy only as much as you need. Go to www.homedepot.com; they’ll provide step-by-step instructions, tips and hints for installation.

If you want to shelve larger objects, you’ll need heavy-duty brackets (try www.strongtie.com — of Simpson Strong-Tie Co. — to view hundreds of options). Also, check out www.knobsnknockers.com for the latest kitchen hanging shelves, hooks, pot racks and hardware.

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