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How to Pick the Right Rug Size (for any Room)
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The right rug type and size can go a long way to really highlight a room's decor or bring it into sharp focus.

Here's a small guide to help you.

1. Runners-This protects wood floors while adding warmth and softness to hightraffic
areas like stairs and hallways. (a striped runner's great for this; the
pattern helps you get the right alignment.) The standard size is 2' 3" x 8'.
To get the placement right, allow at least 4" of space between the sides of the
runner and the walls or edge of steps.
In a corridor, keep a close eye on proportion. Standard runners may be too
narrow to fit the space.
Just remember that the gap between rug and walls should be no more than
one-third the width of the runner.

2. Accent (or Scatter) rugs are small (usually 2' x 3'), adding instant color and
pattern. And they can be moved on a whim!
To position an accent rug the right distance from a piece of furniture, wall or
cabinet, take the width of the rug and divide it in half.
The number you're left with is the maximum distance the rug should be placed
from the furniture.
You can use two or three rugs in complimentary colors to break up a long,
narrow hallway or corridor.

3. The next best thing to a wall-to-wall rug is a full-size one (4'x 6', 6' x 9', 8' x 10',
or 9' x 12'). If you want to showcase the floors, pick a rug that's a little smaller
than your room.
Standard decorator rules state that a full-size rug should be placed within 18"
of at least two of the walls (Do you have a large china cabinet, an
entertainment center, or series of book shelves? If so, then measure from these
pieces instead of the walls.)
Ideally, the legs of all main furniture pieces should be on the rug. Make an
exception for wall-hugging pieces like a large china cabinet; this should be
completely off the wall.
Picking a full-sized rug in a centralized position in a room helps bring attention
to its main focal point.

Additional Info

Types of Rugs

 For ageless beauty and sheer elegance, go for a classic Oriental rug. When shopping for one, keep these
tips in mind: Consider pale colors and neutrals (such as cream) to make a small room look larger. For a room with light colored
walls, deep jewel tones provide a rich look. Simple designs will give a room an open, airy feel, while more detailed
patterns convey cozy intimacy. You don't have to spend thousands on an Oriental rug; one costing in the low hundreds (or
even less) can wear as well as the pricier model. It's because the higher-priced rugs are made of more costly and fragile,
natural fibers. 

Straw-Most rugs made of jute, hemp or coir come in beige, but you can paint them. And they also come pre-dyed.
Remember that small patterns go with traditional furniture, while large patterns suit country styles. 

Rustic-A multicolored
rug and braid rug will give you a wide variety of colors to build your room's palette around. Rugs made from this
yarn complement any d├ęcor; thick weaves in oval shapes soften a room with angled ceilings and walls. 
Pile rugs add a
spot of color to wood or tile floors. They also provide contrast when layered over wall-to-wall carpet. Pile rugs are
available in strips, with borders, or geometric patterns.

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