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Whether to Buy Golf Club Set or Individual Clubs
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Many beginners often ask for advice while buying their new golf clubs meant for themselves, and we always recommend them to buy golf club sets which is pre-packaged e.g. Callaway Strata or many other series of well-known and trusted brands.

Buying any Callaway Strata or something similar club set can have number of advantages over buying all the clubs separately one by one after choosing yourself.

The first reason is that it is much simpler. In case even if you are selecting clubs for your own children, you will like to avoid all the headache of picking high quality golf clubs for juniors from vast lot of fakes and other golf clubs of low quality out there.

It will save tremendous amount of your time and money too. Certain manufacturers like Callaway will prefer to sell their golf clubs at wholesale, so they too will price them accordingly for motivating buyers into getting the complete most forgiving iron set.

Honestly, we have tried ultimate set of Callaway and it may take up to $1000 for collecting the set of that quality by buying individual golf clubs. Also, you should not forget that all these clubs will come with one golf club bag too. A golf bag individually may usually cost from $50 to $100, so you must factor in that too.

Another flaw of purchasing individual golf clubs can be the marketing cost that you need to pay for. You can imagine how much extra money top brands, like Nike and TaylorMade can spend on athletes’ simply for wearing and using any of their golf gear.

The entire money which is paid by all people buying from those companies will be factored in for each product’s cost. Now, are you ready to pay for all those huge promotion deals, rather than getting a set of clubs which will actually fit as per your golfing style or experience.

We think as a beginner, this choice you must make whether you want to just show off and also spend foolishly, or will you prefer to get the actual club set which will help in gaining experience and also improve your game and you can go ahead to play by using more classy golf clubs and also truly appreciate them.

For all the above reasons, we definitely would recommend you to go for much more affordable choice and prefer to get golf club sets. Not necessarily it has to be from Callaway Strata that we have mentioned above earlier, but you must make sure to read the reviews about the club to make sure that the particular product must be made well.

It is also possible that you can guess it by seeing the online rating. As per our experience, anything that is rated as above 4.5 stars will be pretty good. It may just happen that well known Callaway Strata Ultimate that was tried by us and we liked it too.

Similarly, we can assume that other manufacturers of golf clubs have some real nice club sets available too.

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