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Tomorrow's Technology That Will Blow Your Mind
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With the rate at which technology is changing, there are some machines and devices that will soon become obsolete. This will make it very hard for anyone to keep up with the latest electronics and devices. While owning a mobile was once a sign of wealth, currently, every family has one and in some instances several of them. From medical improvements to every day’s advancements, people are looking for new things. And now with 5g networks

  to support these devices we'll be seeing more and more. Here are the examples of technologies that will completely change your perspective.


1. Personal assistants

In the coming days, it’s expected that artificial computer assistants will make a formal entry into the market. In fact, some studios have already invented AI personal assistants that once you install can be able to perform so jobs on your behalf. For instance, they can either help you in typing or speak as you type. If that’s not enough they can take care of your diary, check emails, draw up itineraries, call someone on your behalf and search the web.


2. OLED Televisions

Although OLED TVs are not new, they provide a kind of display that cannot be compared to other TVs. Each pixel produces its own illumination in the screen. This means you will not be able to receive backlights that are usually common in other screens. Although there is only one company currently making these TVs, this is expected to change in the coming days. This is a very good thing because the prices of these TVs will definitely go down.


3. Virtual reality gaming

Video gaming has really changed in the past few years. While the first system to make motion sensors was the Wii system, gaming has been waiting for a bigger sense of virtual reality. Since films such as Tron and Matric entered the market, virtual reality has always been the main focus of gamers. To ensure that this succeeds, several companies have come up with a program that will enable gamers to be taken to the gaming. The porn industry has also used this technology to allow the adults to enjoy a better way of gaming.


4. Modular vehicles and sky trains

Believe it or not but these are the kinds of trains that are expected to use capsules that move at height of around 7 meters high through the use of magnetic levitation technology. They will not only be safe but will also be fast and cost less. Each one of them will be made in such a way that they can carry at least 2 people and move at between 100km/h to 200km/h. They are expected to be incorporated into the system with the first ones to be constructed in France, Israel, and India. The intelligent system will also use modular cars that are 2 meters long and can carry even up to 10 people. Apart from joining while separating in motion, passengers can also move among different modules while being transported. The main reason why they were made is to optimize energy consumption and reduce traffic.

And of course holograms. They sure have a bright future in the entertainment industry and advertisement. To find out more about holograms, check out geekboots.com

When it comes to science and technology we are really living in exciting times. Things that were considered as science fiction have now become a normal day thing. The good thing is that these discoveries will make our lives more comfortable. Watch out for these and enjoy.

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