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Unique Foods to Have At Your Wedding
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Often couples face the dilemma of what exactly they should offer guests at their happy hour. There’s more to the food at your wedding than a plain main course meal by adding in some creativity. You can express your unique personality through some of the following ideas that will inspire you.

Coffee desserts

Satisfy your guests’ craving for caffeine in a unique and delicious way using coffee-infused desserts. Not only does it keep the guests awake, but it also keeps them out on the dance floor. An example of this dessert is frappucinos which are Starbucks-inspired. You may add decaf options to it using flavored frothed milk. Another classic example of a coffee dessert is a coffee ice cream cake that is ultimately worth the splurge!

Cheese wheel cakes

Glam your pre-reception cheese and wine hour using cakes made from cheese wheels. While these cakes may not replace the traditional wedding cake, they ensure your guest is in for some unique surprise. Each layer of these cakes is made of a different flavor such as smoky gouda, creamy goat cheese or some crispy bread on its side which adds more flavor.


Surprise your guests to some nonalcoholic drinkable shooters when it comes to the cocktail hour. Examples of these shooters include stacks of chopped veggies and cold gazpacho soup all of which are garnished with freshly cut herbs. A chorizo and shrimp appetizer that has roasted pepper soup may also serve as a delicious soup shooter at your wedding. Alternatively, spiced butternut squashes-and-pear could also be a perfect soup shooter.

Barbecue breakfast

For an outdoor wedding, a barbecue breakfast is a perfect option that demonstrates creativity in a relaxed yet affordable way, especially for a large scale wedding. The food becomes a showcase by itself in this case. Themes for the barbecue may range from South African Braais to Argentine Asandos which add creativity to the set-up. It’s important to remember that, for a perfect barbeque, it all lies in the details. Set the mood right with things such as creative utensils display or any mason jar idea you may have gathered and showcase it in full glory.


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