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The Importance of Telepresence in Real Life
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The modern world finds many people increasingly becoming busier with their day to day hustles, and conferences and meetings are becoming a slight issue. Thus attending a conference may cause issues with other people since they could be on vacations and need their own time out on one end of the world. With the ever-evolving telepresence technologies, its importance in real life situations is increasingly becoming a reality.

Changing of Perceptions

Changing of perceptions is a vital role to show what is telepresence in real life situations, for example, a lecturer may teach an education program via a telepresence robot. But if such a robot would mention that the lecturer had a physical disability then none of the students would be wiser. Thus the robot would get greeted with enormous excitement concerning its novel mode of participation rather than its awkwardness. It is a perception that those people without disabilities would solemnly feel when they meet someone who is visibly different. Thus telepresence in such cases helps in changing mindsets which is not an easy task.

Opportunity Access Provision

Telepresence robots provide access to opportunities by enabling people to be present in business meetings, stroll down the hallway with a business partner, join a team at a conference room table, even perform a presentation on a conference stage. Therefore, telepresence allows for remote participation and full engagement with co-located colleagues in a much more mundane way as compared to traditional tele or video conferencing techniques.

Telepresence assistive technologies help in the creation of a myriad gamut of concepts that are needed to create buildings, environment, and products where all people can access irrespective of physical ability. Therefore, the inclusive, accessible design is a human-centered idea that spreads to all facets of human endeavor that provides everybody with equal opportunities to learn. For instance, museums use telepresence robots to exhibitions accessible to individuals with disabilities, hospitals make use of telepresence robots in linking physicians with remote patients, while schools maintain up-to-date with curriculum development when teachers or students go on trips, are sick, or undergoing lengthy recovery.

Workplace Barriers Removal

The spectrum of disabilities is quite wide including mental or physical, severe or partial, permanent or temporary, and non-apparent or apparent.  Telepresence technologies allow people with disabilities to participate in the workforce market. However, the onus of the general attitude gets placed on individuals with disabilities as compared to professional environments within corporate cultures and structures that exclude them.

Provision of Tech Solutions to Human Problems

Telepresence technologies are enabling human interactions at a geographical distance, as well as create a sense of being physically present at a remote geographical location. The telephone only extends human hearing in the form of speech; however, a well-established telepresence is stupendously successful in interoperability, simple interface, universal accessibility, low-cost real-time full-size interactions, consistent quality of service, and comprehensive directory services. Therefore, the importance of telepresence technologies enables the use of technologies in the provision of solutions to a wide range of human problems.

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