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How to Choose a Right Penetration Tester?
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Having a right penetration tester is a must for every company who suffers or goes through vulnerabilities in their computer system. A penetration test is authorized to attack a computer through simulation, and they check on a computer system which looks for security weakness and potentially gains access to the system’s features and data.

Choosing a right penetration tester is a gruesome task. It is very difficult to find that trustworthy company as you are giving accessing permit to your most valuable possession.

Choose a Company You Trust

Trust is something which is intangible, but if you thrust it onto someone, it stays for a lifetime. Here the trust is very much required as an outside company will be granted access to enter into your organization and access your systems, customer data, and sensitive company information. Thus, your company is at risk as the inner workings of an organization’s operations are taken into consideration. You must be sure that they can get trusted with your data and they also have a proven track record. You can check into the company’s background and know about its date of establishment, and how many penetration tests they have performed on organizations. Also, find out if it is a core skill and not just a value-added service.

You can ask if the testing company worked with the clients of the same industry sector and can they mention those companies whom they have dealt with for a reference check.  A lot of questions tumble in your mind like have they won awards? Do they present themselves at industry events? What kind of reputation do they hold ?

What Do You Require?

To get the best of what you have invested in your IT security, it is better you jot down what you exactly need the help of, why do you need your system be security tested and what you need to be tested. So it is better that you brief your requirements so that they do the testing efficiently.

Keep on Flooding with Questions

You can keep on asking questions about the testing methodology, what procedures and tools are getting used by the testers and while testing how the data and business get protected.

Who is Doing the Testing?

You must always remember that the company is not the one doing the testing, but the person. No matter whatever company you choose from, but eventually it is the person or the team working for that company. You need to find out who will be exactly going to conduct the penetration testing. Whether the test conducted will be outsourced, sub-contracted or in-house. You can ask the company to see their credentials and also you can interview them by phone, Skype or in person. Also, you can ask the testing company if they can provide you with interesting findings as they come up during the testing process. The expert penetration testing by Fidus guarantee the customers with these things thus making them preferable for most of the businesses.

Ask about the End-Result

You can bravely ask the company what you will receive after the penetration test gets done.  Make sure that a quality report is getting presented and the details of key findings will get mentioned in it. If there are issues, then it must be addressed. Thus, a final report should have a defined action plan on the ways to remediate vulnerabilities. These tests also detail vulnerability once the flaws which got identified are getting fixed.

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