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Choosing the Best Smart Lock for Doors
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New technologies have been increasingly established with greater force in our lives. It could be said that the digital era we are currently experiencing is leaving an important mark among us, in our day to day life.

The many technological advances that the world is encountering are being applied in all sectors, and more, and the world of locks is not left behind in this regard. The locks are in constant evolution, thus becoming much safer, modern and complex to open even by those thieves with more experience in robberies.

Those wishing to bet on the most advanced locks of the moment have to opt for betting on installing smart locks on their doors that help them considerably increase the security of their home.

What are smart locks?

Like all locks, its function is to guarantee that the door can only be opened by authorized persons. But this is done in a digital way, so they have made a great evolutionary leap against the key locks of a lifetime.

This type of locks can be opened through different means, depending on the chosen lock. For example, some of the most sold so far allows you to open the door through a remote control or through the mobile itself. The latter option being the most commonly used to open the doors.

Really intelligent locks are linked to allow the inhabitants of the home to open the door with only the mobile. Now, you no longer need to carry the keys in your pocket to be able to enter the house. It has been shown that it is much easier to forget the keys than the mobile. This is because we always make sure to take the mobile phone with us, while the keys are sometimes forgotten.

Advantages of smart locks

This type of locks has greatly improved security. Until recently, there were locks that could be manipulated, but the last generations have improved a lot in the sectors of security. For this reason, thanks to new advances, smart locks will allow you to enjoy the security you are looking for.

More of its advantages include:

1.   They do not require keys for their opening

The main characteristic of these locks is that no key is required for their opening. Many people do not give them the status of locks, but that of electronic locks.

But regardless of what some people think, it is a characteristic that limits the criminals, so that they try to break a lock only with techniques that a locksmith uses to open doors, such as bumping or picking.

2.   They are highly resistant

This type of locks not only resist the attempts of opening by means of sophisticated methods, but new models which are resistant to violation by means of aggressive tools are being created daily.

3.   They can be blocked and unlocked from anywhere

The current models of smart locks until now, allow blocking and unlocking from anywhere in the house through wi-fi or Bluetooth connection.

And as if that were not enough, your presence at home may not be required to lock or unlock the locks, which is a real innovation in this field.

4.   They are flexible in terms of accessibility

Smart locks offer access to people authorized by the owners of the house, but at the same time, they keep the entrance of strangers at bay or the exit control of the children.

Also, they have the faculty to operate for a set time, through the configuration of a schedule for locking or unlocking the door.

5.   They are the locks of the future

Needless to say, smart locks are considered the locks of the future, where mechanical action is reduced for the purpose of increasing security and simplifying tasks.

If you have not yet considered the installation of these locks, it is the perfect time to consider it, since they are artifacts that guarantee your satisfaction in terms of security and protection. In the market today, there is a wide variety of smart locks. However, not all of them manage to offer the required features. As a result, 10HigTech is here to help.

At 10HighTech, we have tested an array of smart locks and listed down the ones which are found to be the best. For those who are having difficulty choosing the best smart lock for doors, our guide will bring you the clarity you need.


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