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6 Useful Self Storage Tips For Self Storage Beginners
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Getting a cheap self storage unit is extremely easy to do, thanks to the many professional companies out there offering fantastic facilities at competitive rates. It is important to remember that you are paying for the service and it is worth doing everything you can to get the most out of your unit. You might think it is as simple as filling the unit up and walking away, and it can be but, there are more ways than you think to make the most of your unit. Here are 6 tips to help self storage beginners make the most of their new unit:


Get The Best Deal

Your contract will not be cast in stone for a long time, because cheap self storage is always flexible. If you think you have gotten a bad deal at your current unit, scout out somewhere better to move to when your time is up. The upheaval will be annoying but the better facilities and cost savings will be worth it.


Take Advantage Of Any In-House Services

You might not know that your facility has in-house services. A lot of self storage facilities have services such as:


  • Accepting deliveries
  • Hiring removals vans
  • Selling storage boxes
  • Packing services
  • Advice on special interest items


Meticulously Pack The Unit

Don't just chuck items into the unit and walk away, because it could cost you money. If you pack the unit out as though every inch is worth money you might find you could opt for a smaller unit when your contract comes up for renewal.


Have Clearouts

Don't waste money paying for space you don't need. Have regular clearouts of rubbish and any items you don't want any more. In fact, making sure you are certain you want to store each and every item in the unit is a good start because then you only pay for space you need. If you need help getting started take a look at this Ultimate Guide To Decluttering for some tips.


Be Organised

Have a book (a notepad on your phone or an actual notepad) that details every box and what it contains. This level of organisation might seem silly but it helps you understand what you have in the unit so you can find items easily. It also means that if you are constantly changing the items in the unit (perhaps you buy and sell items and use the unit as a base) that you can locate them easily and your unit will be easy to make the most of.


Get To Know People There

If you are filling your unit up and then going away for a long time then clearly getting to know the customers and staff at the unit isn't going to happen. However, if you will be attending regularly it is worth getting to know people there. Other customers might be into the same hobby as you, and they could have useful advice or contacts for you. They might also be great friends to make. The staff are also good to get to know because they will have a wealth of knowledge on useful things like local companies and services.


Make The Most Of Cheap Self Storage

These are just a few ways you can make the most of cheap self storage. Remember that you are paying for your unit so the more ways you can make the most of the space, the better. The longer you use the unit the more you will know, but in the meantime, do your research and get a head start on making the most of this convenient and useful service.






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  .   david.hamilton.geelong
We are all aware of just how convenient self storage truly is with its affordable rental rates as well as round-the-clock easy access with multiple storage facilities across town. We could take advantage of self storage services even more for our own benefit if we were to follow these simple yet often overlooked guidelines. Simply taking note of these factors could allow us to reap even greater savings and that is what every consumer definitely wants. We need to be smart when spending especially for a product or service that we use for a long time.
  .   ritu.gupta.scs
I think what most customers need to know is how to basically be maximising your self storage space. This would help them to cut down on costs when they only need to rent the size that they need. Self storage in Sydney provides storage solutions at affordable prices and there are many storage unit sizes to cater to different needs. Be smart at organizing and arranging to further reap more savings.
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