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What are the Most Recommended Soldering Accessories?
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Soldering is a common process which is not only performed by experts and technicians, but it is also very handy when it comes to fixing, repairing or creating something new in our day to day lives.  
Every soldering station must require a soldering iron, but in addition to this, there are several other soldering tools and equipment that constitute an important part of your workbench.  

Here are some of the most recommended soldering accessories that you must know about:  

1.ESD Safe Mat: An ESD Safe Mat is very important to use if you working on an ESD Project. It makes sure that proper grounding is given to this sensitive project. If the product that you are working on can be damaged by a static discharge of electricity, then this mat provides utmost protection.  

2.Fume Extractor: Fumes that are generated at the time of melting of leaded solder as well as lead free soldering is quite dangerous. To save yourself from these poisonous fumes, a benchtop fume absorber or extractor can be used by you. This will make the air around you clean and fit for breathing.  

3.Magnifier:  Magnifier is amongst the important soldering tools and equipment. If you are planning to solder something, then it is important that you are able to see what you are doing. Magnification becomes mandatory at the time of works that require more precision. You can use microscopes, magnifiers and video inspection systems for this reason.  

4.Vacuum Pick-Up Pen: If you have to remove delicate, small and unnecessary pieces from your project then you must use a vacuum pick up pen. You must also make sure that you use a lead free flux dispensing pen also. They are comparatively gentler than pliers and they are more sensitive.  

5.Soldering Tip Cleaning Sponge: Whenever you are performing any soldering process, it is important that you keep the soldering tips absolutely clean as this will make it more convenient and easier for you. If the soldering tips are clean, it will increase the lifespan of the lead free flux dispensing pen that you use. You can use a cleaning sponge or a wire pad to clean your solder tip.  

6.Circuit Board Holder: While working on the soldering process, it becomes really inconvenient to manage all the items. To avoid this, you can make use of a circuit board holder. This will help you to manage the soldering iron and solder with your two hands quite easily.  

7.Inspection Arrows- If you are working with a group of people, then you can make use of vinyl inspection arrows or paper arrows to point out the different areas for your co-workers to work. This helps in communication and collaboration amongst the team members. They are similar to important notes left behind for other co-workers to work on.  

These are amongst the most recommended soldering accessories that will drastically improve your existing soldering workbench and improve your quality and efficiency of work.

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