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Want to Do Some Interior Decorating? Start with a 3D Rendering of your Home
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One of the most difficult things about interior decorating is imagining how different furniture or accessories will look in your home. You can look at pictures online but 2D photographs don’t really show you how it’s going to look in your home. Even if you visit a show room to look at furniture and other home décor items, what looks good there might not look the same in your living room. Well interior decorating just got a lot easier thanks to a virtual home design service called Modsy.

How it works

To get started with Modsy, you first take a preliminary quiz, the answers to which tell Modsy what your stylistic preferences are. Next you take pictures of any rooms in your home that you’re trying to decorate and upload them to Modsy. The service will then create 3D models of the rooms as completely empty spaces. Then the real magic happens: the empty space is filled with furniture, art, and accessories that Modsy chooses based on the quiz you took earlier. From there, you can pick and choose which things you want and you can purchase them directly from the company’s website.

About Modsy

The company launched in mid-2015 and has already raised over 12 million in capital. It’s going to change the way we decorate our homes.

Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by ezsnapbaseboardheatercovers.com

Source: digitaltrends.com/home/modsy-interior-design/

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  .   Isiah Tucker
It sounds very interesting but also so comprehend for me. I have to read a lot of articles like this one and watch videos like https://youtu.be/rVtOucTsvpg to understand much more. Anyway, thank you for your positive impact!
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