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Useful Tips To Consider When Buying Tablecloths
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During the Medieval and Renaissance periods, tablecloths were a standard in wealthy households. People used the edges of the tablecloth to wipe their hands and face, with smaller napkins becoming stylish because they were easier to handle. In the 15th century, the use of table linens spread to the working class and they often used plain white or off white linen fabric to cover the tables in their homes.

Nowadays table cloths, also known as service linens are extensively used in catering companies and restaurants on formal occasions such as weddings, family dinners, holidays, tea parties and birthdays.  Here are some important tip to consider while buying table cloths.

  1. Firstly, you should find those table linens and napkins that could withstand with your regular detergents, chlorine-bleach, and laundering with hot water, because they are constantly exposed to stains of drink and food. If you really don't want your embroidered table linens to be regularly exposed in spots, then you should always go for plain or white table linens. But while buying the one you should make sure they are heavier in weight.
  2. Secondly, there are table linens which are made up of untreated cotton that usually need ironing. Instead of buying these items, you should select those table linens that contain treatments of wrinkle resistant for reducing the need for ironing.
  3. Finally, if you want to buy the wholesale table linen only for elegant and ceremonial dining tables, then you should select table linens with Cutwork, embroidery, and lace. This will make your dining table look more stylish and appealing.

Whether it is for informal dinner or for exclusive dinner parties, table linens could create a totally new impression inside the dining-room.

Linens are usually provided detailed information on Bed Linens, Linens, Table Linens, and Luxury Linens. Linens are associated with Waterbed Sheet Sets. Excellent table linens are usually characterized by stunning materials, stylish designs, and fine workmanship. Superior linens are much smoother and softer and are made up of linen or cotton. Linen and cotton are slightly different. Linen usually comes from the flax-plant and has a light and crunchy feeling. Linen is extremely absorbent and hair free. But on the other hand Cotton arrives from the cotton plant, that’s why it is more substantial and is more prone to shrinkage as compared with linen. Both textiles are extremely absorbent, hard-wearing, and become softer with use.

Usually, white damask and simple white linen is used for official occasions. The damask weave is usually considered for formal more than the Jacquard weave. On the other hand, either linen or cotton is thought to be suitable for formal events.

Actually the length of the tablecloth depends on the set up on the table. If the dining table is set up in a style of buffet, then you should drop the tablecloth to the floor. Or else, the tablecloth should be dropped below the top of the dinning table up to 8 - 18 inches. If you have a formal dinner party, then your napkins should be properly matched with the tablecloth.

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