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How to Take Good Care of Hardwood Floor in Summer?
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Summer might be good for vacation recreation and fun but the harsh sunlight and humidity that can be a great trouble in hardwood floor cleaning. Mostly, hardwood floors are designed to be robust enough so that they can handle almost all the foot behaviors like crawling, walking, running, jumping, thumping, smashing and etc. you must be having the best quality hardwood floor at your home but even the best reaches its limit while fighting the nature but still can’t. In that case, some of your contribution can help your hardwood floor live longer even in summer;

Watch Your Doormats First

Since your doormats look after the entry point of your home, it’s most likely to carry the dust, dirt, grime and sand. All day round, it keeps on trading all such particles with your shoes and slippers that lands over the hardwood floor in the end. Consequently, it damages the entire finish making the floor look unsightly and worn. Therefore, just regularly wash your doormats and make sure that every member of your family wipes off the feet and takes off the shoes outside at the rack. This will prevent plenty of dirt, dust and stains from enter the house.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner

Have you been cleaning the hardwood floor with the oil, wax or some old polish? Avoid it, at least in summers because these substances aren’t that much effective. Instead, make sure to clean the all the visible dirt and dust through vacuum cleaner. While running the vacuum cleaner, use the bare floor attachment. A thorough hardwood floor cleaning rotation of one week is good enough to keep your floor from all the dirt and dust. Also you need to ensure that wheels of your vacuum cleaner aren’t too harsh on the wooden floor.

Polish With Quality Substance

It might be daunting for you to deal with the floor cleaning stuff your home or office has the mix of vinyl, concrete, hardwood floors and tiles. In that case, you must choose the commercial grade product that ensures perfect cleaning without leaving back any streaks and lint. So just use the high quality floor polisher that can buff up the entire floor space a breeze.

Note: Make sure not compromise with the quality because the cheaper options can turn into a huge expense in future.

Pull Off the Excess Moisture

For sure, the excess moisture would definitely ruin the entire glint of a classy hardwood floor. Therefore, just make sure that you hunt down excess moisture while dealing with the floor cleaning. You would face it more at the basement as its poorly insulated area at your place. In that case, get a thorough perimeter check in order to identify gaps or holes, which can be filled foam spray. It highly depends upon your home or office location but moisture protection and good insulation can help year round. Therefore, just take care of your floors in summer so that it can live longer.

View more: https://www.cleanipedia.com/me-en/floor-carpets/how-to-clean-the-floors-in-your-home

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