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No#1 thing you should know is that the whole purpose of a sauna room is that it is supposed to hold high temperature in for as long as possible, therefore IT MUST BE WELL INSULATED. If it is not well insulated, then it will use more electricity to heat up.  Some people think they are saving money when spending $1500 on a sauna, but trust me, they're not. Those cheap saunas are "decorations" for your home, and if you are a "sauna person" you will know what i am talking about. Sauna must have inside wall panels, vapour barrier, special fire proof insulation and outside wall panels.

No#2 thing is when choosing your heater, choose the one that holds the most rocks and the elements are hidden from water damage. The market is flooded with a huge variety of different sauna heaters, but what matters most is the amount of rocks that the heater holds. This is because people pour water on the rocks, water goes through the rocks and reaches the heating elements. The heating elements may not burn out for years, but they become corroded. This corrosion gives off gasses which you inhale. Then people complain that they get headaches after using the sauna, and the experience becomes unpleasant. 

No#3 thing you should know is what health benefits you are trying to achieve from your sauna. For example athletes often choose infra red heaters over traditional because infra red helps sour muscles heal faster after intense competition. Other people enjoy sauna with friends and family for social purposes, then traditional will be more convenient for them. Others use it for skin care...

No#4 thing you should know is the material you use. Only use Red Western Canadian Cedar as it is the best material on the market for saunas. Do not mix n match with any other wood as each type of wood has its own smell.

No#5 thing you should know is that your sauna should be built by a professional or at least learn from a professional the key tips which will prevent you from making small mistakes which can lead to mould in your sauna, corrosion, heat loss, bad smell and poor ventilation.

For more detailed information please visit my site



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