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Spice up the look of your backyard with the coolest furniture DIYs
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There are many ways to create a true natural refuge out of your backyard. Properly mowed grass, your favorite plants and shrubs as well as a nicely organized patio are main points of a well-decorated backyard. So, what can you do to make this space more personal and unique? Apart from creating interesting patterns with the flowers in your garden, you can put your creativity to work and come up with some cool outdoor furniture ideas that would make this space truly special. If you’re not sure what type of DIY furniture would feel most comfortable and rewarding, take a look at the following examples. It just may happen that your true inspiration is hidden somewhere in this text.

Good ol’ decoupage

In general, there’s nothing simpler for your DIY furniture project that the old-school decoupage technique. However, there are plenty of options and various results that you can achieve if you opt for decoupage. In case you got your backyard furniture at garage sales or flea markets, decoupage is a perfect way to add that touch of personality and glam. You can effectively decorate both chairs and tables with any type of thin colorful material. Old wallpaper, napkins, maps, newspaper, book and comic pages, etc, are all perfect for decoupage.

Shabby chic style

If you got your hands on iron outdoor furniture, you’re in luck. DIY projects with this type of furniture are easy but they can effectively create a vintage or more of a shabby chic feel in your yard. If you have a lot of leafy greenery and climbing plants, iron furniture can look really whimsical when introduced in such an environment. You can use a regular or spray paint to jazz up the iron furniture. Moreover, you can use whatever color and finish you like. Black, white and metal shades are really popular in this case.

Резултат слика за Shabby chic style yard

A magical touch

Every garden can look truly magical when there are cute little toadstools around. Toadstools are really easy to make. You only need a couple of logs and wooden bowls that fit. Paint the bowls red and add white dots. Wait for them to dry and then screw them onto the logs. Voila! You have your magical toadstools to effectively spice up your dreamy backyard. If you want to create a really special fairy ring, place your toadstools in a circle and use a round outdoor rug for the middle. This is bound to look quite spectacular, especially under a tree or a vine.

A relaxing hammock

There are many ways that you can approach this DIY project. However, the easiest one involves the following steps. You would need two dowels to attach the hammock canvas of your choice. Just make sure that the material is sturdy. You should create folds at each side of the canvas to get the rope through. Braided rope works the best. Once you have your two pieces of rope pulled through on each side, drill two holes at the end of each dowel and pull the ropes through the holes as well. You can secure the hammock in place by tying strong knots at the end of the ropes. Of course, you should find a suitable place to hang the hammock since you would need to attach it to two spring links. On the other hand, if you have two big trees in your yard, you can simply tie each end of the hammock to the trees.

Сродна слика

Table with a surprise in the middle

For this DIY project, you can use any old wooden table that you have. Essentially, you’d have to add an extra layer of wooden boards but leave the space for the middle board empty. Basically, nail the thick boards to the table surface. When it comes to the middle board, skip it. You can add really short boards at the ends of the empty space to make the table more balanced. When you’re done with attaching all the boards, you will be left with a nice table surface with an empty block in the middle. You can fill this space with dirt and create your succulent table or fill it with ice and have your own table cooler for the backyard parties.

The above-mentioned projects can all be finished over the course of one weekend. So, there’s no reason to put them off. If you want a relaxing and personal outdoor space that will help you unwind after a long day, let your creativity run wild. 

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