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Some important Pest control treatments for your Home
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Every homeowner realizes the importance of pest control for their homes in order to protect one`s family and assets. Best pest control methods are the safest. Resorting to natural means of controlling pests can be equally effective as using pesticides.

Pesticides can`t always eradicate pest infestations and are sometimes ineffective. Use of pesticides must always be the last resort. Pesticides contaminate our homes and landscapes and are hazardous to children. 

Follow sanitation and other steps to keep away pests

Other actions can be taken at home to keep pests away. There are often safer, non chemical methods to solve the problem of pests by using barriers, traps, minimally processed products derived from plant oils and natural compounds.

  • Hygiene – Pests can be controlled by following good hygiene at home. If hygiene is not practiced well, having pesticide program to control pests can be rendered ineffective. Store food in air tight containers. Toilet and kitchen sinks, floors, walls should be kept clean. Keep food closed, wash dishes, mop floors, keep trash cans free of food residue. Wash trash cans with ammonia solution when required. Clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Seal kitchen and bathroom cracks with silicone caulk. Plug all openings as mice can wriggle easily through small holes. Fix leaky pipes and faucets. To prevent pests from entering home use fly screens and seal pipes. Use mouse traps, jar traps, flytraps, and non toxic bait.
  • Get rid of ants by using boric acid and orange guard. To do away with bedbugs wash bed linen and steam clean mattress. Baking powder and powdered sugar mixed in equal proportion can kill cockroaches. Neem oil repels and kills insects.

Pest control treatment

  • Spray the exterior of your house with liquid insecticides with hand pump sprayer around cables, pipes, wires, vents, door frames, window frames and in areas where insect pests have been active every 90 days. Once it has dried, apply dust insecticide.
  • Once in 6 months, use dust insecticide around window and door frames, cracks, crevices, gaps and around areas of cables, wires and pipes. Dust boric acid powder around crevices and cracks. This will prevent pest insect infestation.
  • Place glue board traps in your cabinets, under appliances, closets, garages to monitor any entry of pests.
  • For rat or mouse infestation use rodenticides to kill them. If mice or rodents have gained entry into your home, place rodent bait stations loaded with rodenticides mixed with food around the exterior of your home.


Pest control treatment in Dubai

Pest control problems are seen on the rise in Dubai. To protect your family from pest invasions like ants, rodents, termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, you need to find reliable Dubai Pest Control Company approved by Dubai Municipality. They will offer specialized services for ant control, cockroach control, termite control, rat control and bed bugs control. Regular visits of pest control professionals with their preventative treatments are the best way to keep out pests for a long time. They know how to properly identify pests, formulate solutions to eradicate them. These cleaning companies in Dubai also give you advice on how to prevent future pest infestations.

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