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Picking Colors for Your Bedroom
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Color has many effects on the human body. Light colors signal many things including spring and small children. Darker colors bring other ideas to mind such as late evenings and forests. When it comes to your bedroom, you should think carefully about the kind of colors you like best. You want to pick out colors that will help you get a great night's sleep. You also want to pick out colors that will merge well with the other colors you have in the other rooms in your home. Many homeowners aim for a mixture of colors in the room. Sticking to one primary color and perhaps two or three other colors to help add detail is an ideal decorating plan. 

One Primary Color 

Primary colors include colors such as red and green. These are good colors for your bedroom. Bright colors like yellow can make the room feel alive with color and make them feel like care has been put into choosing the home's decorating details. A primary color can help add life to the room. Many people also think about using a neutral color instead as their primary color. A white bedroom can feel welcoming, warm and pleasant all year long. Another neutral color, such as grey or a soft shade of brown, is also a good choice. Softer colors help the bedroom feel like a retreat from the rest of the home. Pick one color to be your primary color in the room. Then you can plan the rest of the colors in the room around it. 

Secondary Colors 

After you have picked out a primary color, you want to think about at least two secondary colors. You can paint the room with your chosen primary color. Then, add in additional colors with accessories such as a linen dust ruffle. The ruffle will help bring in lots of subtle hints that can help really made a bedroom shine. Think about contrasting colors. For example, if you have picked out a soft yellow for your room, you can add in lots of color with shades of violet and purple. A plum colored bed sheet can help the room look great. Add in additional shades of color that match such as lavender and gold. 

A Really Beautiful Bedroom 

Using colors well will help you feel at home in your bedroom. Use your favorite colors. If you find yourself drawn to a particular color such as a reddish pink, use it in your bedroom. Colors can help the room feel comfortable. Think about colors in the room that are already present. For example, if you have wood floors, you will already have shades of brown in the room. You can then use that color to help build up a color scheme that works with every element that is present in the right now. A harmonious color scheme that you really love will help you use all areas of the room well.

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