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Interiors- The 7 most popular Calacatta quartz stones in the UK in 2017
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Calacatta marble is a natural stone quarried from Italy. It is renowned because of its various applications since time immemorial. This stone has been the inspiration of many architects since the Roman civilisation. The following list enumerates the seven most popular Calacatta quartz stones in the UK:
1- Silestone Calacatta Gold
The Silestone Calacatta Gold quartz surface produces a lean & luxurious look. The white background laced with grey veins and splashes of gold add a lot of substance and character bringing uniqueness to the ambience where it's applied.In the kitchens, it serves a great use as a splashback. Its non-porous surface remains unaffected by spillage. This impervious flooring has water absorption under 0.5%. It is antibacterial, highly resistant to staining, scratching and moulds.

2- Compac Unique Calacatta
Unique Calacatta quartz by Compac, the Spanish agglomerates leader contains approximately 96% pure quartz and 4% resins that provide a natural colour and unique patterns of golden veins on a clean white background.

It is greatly recommended in kitchens because of its non-toxic properties. Moreover, its anti-mould characteristic makes it ideal to apply in bathrooms. This extremely sturdy and resistant product stands the test of time & weather. It's available for purchase from the UK's authorised supplier, MKW Surfaces, London.

3- Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo
Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo consists of wide, elegant, cascading grey veins on a white background that makes a startling impression and renovates the interior spaces. It offers ease of maintenance and durability that Caesarstone quartz surfaces are well-known for. Calacatta Nuvo has a wide vein pattern that looks spectacular with a mitred aprons edge.

4- Unistone Calacatta
Unistone Calacatta employs the BRETON-technology that consists of up to 93% natural quartz with resins. It is hard wearing and resistant that makes it suitable to use as a kitchen worktop, bathroom flooring etc. Unistone Calacatta carries an NSF-certification that renders it usable around food preparation areas.

5- Classic Quartz Calacatta
Classic Quartz Calacatta is exquisite and unique with its stunning clean whites and striking grey veins that run throughout the surface and even penetrate through the slabs. This beautiful quartz surface is great for worktops, splashbacks, waterfall islands, shower trays, flooring, etc.

6- Quartzforms Soul Calacatta
Quartzforms Soul Calacatta quartz is the embodiment of the Calacatta marble but with the sturdiness of quartz. This surface interprets the natural grey veins quite elegantly and combines with the technical qualities of an engineered stone.

7- Unistone Calacatta Toscane
Etched on a white pearly backdrop, the Calacatta Toscane is reminiscent of the natural Calacatta Tuscany marble from Italy that amplifies any interior area. While Calacatta Toscane is engineered, it replicates the true essence of the natural marble.

8- Zodiaq Calacatta Natura
Zodiaq Calacatta Natura replicates the beauty of natural Calacatta marble with an off-white base and grey veining. All Zodiaq surfaces are produced with pure quartz crystals that give the material hardness and strength to survive impacts.

Zodiaq Calacatta Natura by DuPont does not require a sealing, waxing or polishing to maintain its lustre.









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