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How to properly paint and decorate your home
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After some time, say two years, you will quickly realize the need to repaint and decorate your home. As we approach the festive season, this exercise is necessary than any time before. Here are tips on decorating your London based home

  • Begin by planning for the decoration

You can’t just wake up, grab a paintbrush and begin a painting job. You need to sit down with a list and a paper and make a list of the materials and tools required as you sip from a cup of coffee. If planned properly, the painting and decorating job can turn to be awesome and attractive. Just don't hurry.

  • Clean your walls

Before embarking on a home painting and decorating exercise, you should consider cleaning the walls to remove the debris and dirt that may compromise the quality of your work. It is wasteful to apply new paint on walls filled with spider webs and peeling paint. New paint will stick on clean walls and last longer.

  • Begin from the top downward

Think of it logically. It is easier to decorate and paint the house from the top to the bottom (if it is storied) than vice versa. Also, beginning on the top ensures that you reach the ground floor when you are more efficient. This is great because the ground floor is the floor most exposed to visitors.

Apply the same logic by beginning your painting job from the back of your house to the front. If you begin with the front you will have to drag all that debris and other things from the backyard through your nice kitchen. You don’t want this to happen. Follow logic.

  • Know your paint

Gloss paint looks beautiful on smooth surfaces. If you apply it to other surfaces it will end up amplifying the imperfections. Eggshell paint looks nice and has the familiar semi-matt finish but it is overly subtle. The popular water-based paints are considered to be eco-friendly but you’ll require numerous coats to achieve a solid and deep color than if you were to use oil-based paint.

  • Take good care of the brushes

Brushes are an integral part of your painting job other than the paint itself. Clean the paint brushes with white spirit, follow it up with soapy water and dry them. Dry them upside down while running the bristles back and forth until they soften up.

  • Wear a mask

There is one grave danger associated with a painting job: Lead. Lead from old paintings can become airborne during scrubbing of the walls and furniture. This can be a health hazard. For this reason, consider using a sealant to contain the Lead or wearing a mask while you are in your painting exercise.

  • Brighten your paintwork

With time, the oil in the paint tends to react to heat and turn your paintwork yellow. If you’re not yet ready to redecorate the surface, you can scrub the affected walls using sugar soap. This hack works much like exfoliating your home.

It tends to remove the thin outermost layer of paint from the wall leaving it bright again. This process is a better way of tidying and retouching your walls without purchasing paint.

Source: Prorefub - painters and decorators in London

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