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How to Personalise your Bedroom Easily and Cheaply
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Bedrooms are the places we dream, so realistically they should look pretty dreamy right? They should be comfortable, attractive, tidy and also represent our personalities too. A bedroom is a personal place and yet many of us struggle to make our bedrooms personal. It is all too easy to end up with a bedroom that serves a purpose, rather than a room you look at and feel all warm and excited about knowing it is just right for you and your partner.

If you're struggling to personalise the most important room in the house (if you love sleep!), these cheap and easy ideas will have your bedroom transformed in no time:

Personalised Prints & Photos

No need for cheesy pictures of the whole family in your bedroom, unless that is what you would like. Instead, why not print off some inspiring photographs you took of scenery you love? Or your favourite pictures of you and your partner but made into a funky collage. Be creative, and adorn your walls with personal art.


Fresh flowers bring life to any room, and they always look beautiful. To make it personal, why not pick out a vase you love specifically for your bedroom table, and then treat yourself to some fresh flowers every week to represent your mood or what makes you happy. Maybe one week you feel bright and happy so daffodils adorn your bedroom. The next week, you might feel sexy and like a lioness so some wild and wonderful dahlias will dress your room that week.

Mood Lighting

Generic lamps can be a bit boring and can make a bedroom dull. To personalise, choose a statement lamp or, think about your favourite lighting. Is it fairy lights? Candles? Wall lights? Lights embedded in those antislip floor tiles? Choose the lighting that makes the room feel most welcoming to you.


Scent is very personal because different scents connect us to different memories. Scent can also make us more lively, feel more sexy, it can make us feel relaxed, or even sleepy. Add some scented candles or diffusers to your room to make it feel more 'you'. You will soon associate that scent with you bedroom.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings and accessories are cheap to change and a lot of fun to experiment with. Buy some new soft furnishings that don't just look good, but they make you feel great. Maybe it is a print that makes you smile, a faux throw that is so soft you love to touch it, a cushion that is perfect for you lounging on. It could be a little corner you have made on your large floor tiles with blankets and a beanbag. Soft furnishings are ideal for decor play because they are so cheap and easy to replace.

Bedrooms are a personal space you can afford to be a bit more daring with when it comes to decor, because only you and your partner (and the kids!) are going to see it. Be creative, and enjoy yourself creating a space you not only dream in, but that you always dreamed of.



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