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How To Clean Your Items For Storage
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It has always been recommended that you clean items you are placing into self storage. It helps ensure they remain in good shape ready for when you come to collect them again. This is especially true for deep storage, where the items may be left for years.


Post-pandemic, we are all a little bit more mindful of the cleanliness of every item in our lives, even the pets! Germs live on surfaces, and they don’t care what those surfaces are.

With that in mind, we have some handy tips to help you be extra-clean in preparing your items for storage:


A Clean Unit Is A Good Place To Start

Before you put anything in your unit, it is a good idea to clean it out. Even if that is just a sweep and a vacuum, having a clean unit to put items in is a good start to being more vigilant with cleanliness moving forward.


Be Extra Mindful Of Bodily Fluids

We know the term ‘bodily fluids’ is gross, but it is relevant and it is important to discuss. Anything that could have come from a human or animal onto items like sheets, clothes or furniture should be cleaned before coming into the unit. These are high-risk for spreading germs, so it is important to ensure they are extremely clean before being placed into storage.


Use Lens Wipes For Tech

Technology is terrible for being touched constantly, which is why it needs extra special cleaning. You can’t just run it through a washing machine though, so the next best thing is alcohol wipes. They are low-cost and effective at killing off bacteria before the item is placed in storage.


Avoid Moisture

Mould comes from moisture so if any items you store are wet, you could face a problem. Moist items are also generally a hotbed for germs too. Everything going into the unit should be dry, with the exception of contained and allowed (by the facility) liquids.


Hot Wash What You Can

Any items suitable for washing on a hot wash, should be run through those cycles before storage. It is an effective way to kill off bacteria either in the washing machine, or in the dishwasher.


Label Dates

If items regularly come in and out of your cheap self storage unit, especially if you use it for business, you might want to label dates on items touched or used by somebody else. This helps you get an idea of what needs cleaning before resale, or what needs quarantining for a time before you move it on.


Use A Self Storage Company Who Are Making The Effort

It is important to use a self storage company who are making the effort to keep staff and customers safe like at Cambridge Self Storage. They should have social distancing, cleaning facilities and other measures in place to ensure that you are as safe as possible using their services. If in doubt, use another facility. It isn’t worth risking your health or your families health because of a company running without due care.


The tips above can help you ensure your self storage unit is extra safe and clean. It may take more time and effort, but the overall result of peace of mind is definitely worth it in such uncertain times.

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